AB6 Athens Biennale 2017 – 2018
Waiting for the Barbarians
Bageion Hotel
5. April 2017 | 20:30 pm
Omonoia Sq.
Curated: by Heart & Sword Division
5 – 15 April 2017



April 2017:

6th Athens Biennale 2017 – 2018
Waiting for the Barbarians
Action #0:
The Athens Biennale office relocates to Bageion
5 – 15 April 2017
Action #1:
Europa Clock, Dimitris Desyllas (sound intervention)
5 April 2017 | 20 (sharp)
Action #2:
Press Conference, Heart & Sword Division
5 April 2017 | 20:30 (sharp)
Action #3:
Invasive Pests, Domestic Godless (culinary action)
5 April 2017 | 21 – 00:00
Action #4:
Wandering in Bageion Hotel *
5 April 2017 | 21 – 00:00
Action #5:
Klassenfahrt, Blue Owl Travels (educational excursion)
9, 10, 11 April 2017 | 17 – 22
Action #6:
Resurrection with Documena, Documena (series of actions)
15 April 2017 | 21– 05:00
Action #7:
In Defense of the Academic Troll, Gabriel S Moses (video)
From 5 April 2017
onwards | The Athens Biennale YouTube Channel
Action #4
April 6 – April 14 | 13 – 21pm
Curated: by Heart & Sword Division

The programme of the 6th Athens Biennale launches on 5 April 2017 marking a year of “Active Waiting”, which culminates with the exhibition Waiting for the Barbarians in April 2018. The 6th Athens Biennale is curated by Heart & Sword Division, a group of artists, curators and theorists.

Curatorial Statement:

Will there ever be any “Learning from Athens”? What do words such as “education”, “freedom”, “queer”, “north”, “south”, “indigenous” signify in contemporary cultural debates? Are we witnessing the coming of the Barbarians, or the taming of the Barbarian? The 6th Athens Biennale Waiting for the Barbariansreflects on such questions.

Those Barbarians keep on coming, again and again. Recent biennials addressed the question of the Barbarian. The 2013 Istanbul Biennial entitled Mom, am I a Barbarian? investigated the Barbarian as a counter-image of civic identity, while Ireland’s Biennial 2016 EVA International entitled Still (the) Barbarians discussed Ireland as the primary test ground for modern European colonialism.

Since the start of the new century the Barbarians are ante portas. In the intellectual realm and the art field, though, the Barbarians are often depicted in positive and messianic terms: a new nomadic/rootless/hybrid/global subjectivity. This hypothesis seems to outline how the (im)possibility of resistance and insurrection is understood today and is a premise for our collective failure to foresee today’s escalation of regression.

We let go of assumptions and beliefs. The Barbarian is neither the ominous Other, the refugee, the migrant, the Muslim, nor the exoticizing and eroticizing orientalist, the “menace” of the “northern colonialist”. Yet, the Barbarian is closer than ever. We are no hosts, but we invite the Barbarians in.

On the 5th of April 2017 we declare a year of Active Waiting.

Diplarios School, Athens
Dialogos Athens 2017
“The Greek counter example”
Curated by Thanasis Moutsopoulos
Thursday 6 April – Wednesday 12 April 2017
Exhibition: 6-12 April 2017
Theatrou Square
“The Greek counter example”
Curated by Thanasis Moutsopoulos
Dialogos Athens 2017
6-12 April 2017, Diplarios School, Athens
Α new, exciting cultural vista that is developing in Athens these days has brought about plenty of change and progress – something that the international media has been reporting on all the more. Athens is rapidly becoming a European cultural capital par excellence, offering visitors the best of many worlds, from its famed ancient past to its contemporaneity of today. There is so much to discover beyond the Acropolis: from new cutting-edge galleries and art collectives, to contemporary art foundations, organisations and museums created by local collectors. The state-of-the-art Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre, has also enhanced the Athenian cultural atmosphere, as has the newly completed National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST).
Τhe major event of spring 2017 in Athens is the co-hosting of Kassel’s documenta 14 from 8 April to 15 July. This is the largest global contemporary art event in one capital city with a unique arts scene at the moment. In fact one could go so far as to say that Athens is experiencing a cultural renaissance which is also highlighted by the many cultural events around documenta 14. They all aim at offering its participants and visitors the best artistic experience of this increasingly creative metropolis, making it one of the key European destination for contemporary art.
The exhibition “Dialogos Athens 2017”, under the title “the Greek counter example” is curated by As. Professor Thanasis Moutsopoulos. It will take place from Thursday 6 to Wednesday 12 April 2017 at the Diplarios School, on Theatrou Square. This outstanding classical building of the historical centre of Athens hosted the Athens Biennale in 2011. The exhibition will take place at the ground floor, while at the 3rd floor the cultural organisation NEON of collector Dimitris Daskalopoulos will present, at the same time, the project of Michael Landy, “Breaking News-Athens”.
The project is divided in two distinctive parts. The first part is dedicated to key Greek and international artists presented by a selection of Greek and international galleries active in Greece.
The second part of the project presents, in parallel, two exhibitions curated by Thanasis Moutsopoulos both focusing on the Greek counter example, the first one under the title “Anonymous Art” (curated by Maria Nikolakaki) and the second one “Marginal Art : the case of Petros Tezapsides” (curated by Panagis Koutsokostas). The two projects were presented in Patras in December 2016 and focus not on the fashionable, the fresh, the politically correct but on side issues of art that were bypassed without reason, issues that were controversial at their time and which deserve a far better understanding.
Artists participating in the first part of the project are (in alphabethical order): Lanfranco Aceti, Nikos Alexiou, Dimitris Alithinos, Dimitris Anastasiou, Art & Language, Guy Van Bossche, Johnston Foster, Dionisios Frangias, Noi Fratelli, Giorgos Gerontides, Philipp Gufler, Maria Ikonomopoulou, Yannis Kondaratos, Antonis Kosmadakis, Anna Lascari, Apostolos Ntelakos, Aliki Palaska, Konstantinos Patsios, Alexandros Psychoulis, Nana Sachini, Stefania Strouza, Kawamata Tadashi, Mark Titchner, Elias Tsakmakis, Lina Theodorou, Antje Zeiher.
Galleries participating in the first part of the project are (in alphabethical order), Enia Gallery, Françoise Heitsch, Kaplanon 5 Contemporary Art Gallery, Medusa Art Gallery, Mulier Mulier Gallery, The Blender Gallery, Zina Athanassiadou Gallery.
The organising company, EuroMare specialises in the creation, management and organisation of turn-key cultural projects in Greece and abroad.
Mr Alexis Caniaris
Project Manager
documenta 14
Diplarios School
NEON exhibition


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