We are ALL Africans

Shane Norwood
We are ALL Africans. Does a Dobermann look like a Chihuahua? No. Are they both dogs? Yes. So what’s the fucking difference? There are no human races. There is only one human race.

This is what’s on my mind you manipulative ginger catamite. Thus far I’ve not been tempted to add to the three billion opinions expressed about the current situation, but after what I read today, I can’t keep my trap shut any longer, so indulge me please and read this. It’s a long read, but you might even learn something.

If you feel like unfriending me afterwards, please feel free to fuck off. Anybody unable to distinguish between racism and truth, or anybody who can but is afraid to publically acknowledge it for fear of offending somebody, is too fucking stupid and chickenshit to be my friend anyway, so if you fit into that category, take your naïve second hand politically correct opinions and shove them up your arse.

Of course, I am speaking from my privileged white position. I was privileged to grow up on a working class council estate in a bleak Northern shithole steel town, working for eight quid a week. And you know what? It was a privilege. It taught me that the world owes you fucking nothing.

Racism and discrimination are an abhorrence. No free thinking person can possibly justify an argument to the contrary. Intolerance is a different story. Nobody can be reasonably expected to tolerate or condone extremist opinions actions or philosophies that endanger their wellbeing and way of life. Anybody that would deny this either an imbecile or a shameless hypocrite.

We as a species did not survive by being spineless submissive wankers willing to bend over and get fucked up the arse by every self-entitled minority group that feels empowered to do so, or by cravenly apologizing for our cultural heritage, as flawed as that may be, in order to placate a bunch of whining politically correct pansies, desperate to prostrate and debase themselves and wallow in their fabricated contrition in an attempt to assuage their delusionary sense of guilt and to prove how enlightened and progressive they are. Appeasement is not progress. Its cowardice.

As long the term black person is propagated it will continue to exist and black people will continue to identify and be identified as black people as opposed to just people. Discrimination is enshrined in the term itself. As long as we continue to invent a distinction between races, racism will continue.

I currently happen live in the place where the first humans, AFRICANS, crossed into Europe. I can see it from my window. We are ALL Africans. Does a Dobermann look like a Chihuahua? No. Are they both dogs? Yes. So what’s the fucking difference? There are no human races. There is only one human race. Us. And if you are looking at another human being who is superficially different from you in terms of facial features, skin tone, language or culture, and seeing someone inferior or superior, then you are a stupid cunt and there is no hope for you or any of us.

What happened to George Floyd was reprehensible, but the hysteria, cynicism, hypocrisy, ignorance and gross stupidity engendered by that incident have been truly terrifying. Nobody but the most deranged lunatic fringe nihilist would wish the future to about anything other than hope and change and reconciliation right?

So here’s a bit of advice to all you cretinous motherfuckers of all ethnic persuasions busy beavering away at burning down your own fucking house and undermining your own cultural identity because somebody else told you to.

Know what you are talking about before you start opening your gob. Read, if you can, and fucking learn something. Stop getting all your information and trite and trendy opinions from Twitter and fucking Facebook. Learn to engage in a little critical thinking and find out what cognitive bias means. Neil De Grasse Tyson is your man there. A bit of history might come in handy. Then perhaps you could get a hold of a dictionary and look up a few interesting words like fascism, totalitarianism, anarchism, utopia, and dystopia and find out what they really mean. You might find 1984 entertaining. It’s by George Orwell. Or at least it is for the moment, until some effete guilt ridden revisionist dickhead professor of literature decides that its unfair that a white man should take all the credit and changes history so that George Floyd wrote it.

Everything that happens is predicated upon everything else that has happened. This is chaos theory. What it means is that if human history had not proceeded precisely as it did, in every minute detail, all you fervent protesters would never have been born in the first place, and if any of those unfortunate episodes in the broad and brutal sweep of our troubled past had not occurred, exactly in sequence, you would not actually be alive to protest about them with your little misspelled placards.

What Africa would be like today if no white man or Arab had ever set foot on the continent is an interesting speculation, but one certain consequence of that would be that all you outraged masses merrily jumping up and down in righteous indignation and burning down people’s lives in the name of the injustice meted out to the African American would not exist and the neither would the African Americans. That term in itself it interesting. African American as a euphemism for black. What if you’re a Torres Straight Islander or a Papuan born in the States? What if you’re from Bangladesh? Are you still and African American? And what does that make me? A Norwegian Englishman? According to my old man our family traces its heritage all the way back to Kind Harold Godwinson. Does that mean I can claim compensation from the French because they shot my great uncle in the eye with a fucking arrow?

I am prepared to make the definitive statement, though, that the majority of you freedom fighters out there know absolutely fuck all about Africa and Africans, and that the underprivileged African Americans currently enthusiastically trashing their own country wouldn’t last five fucking minutes anywhere North of Nairobi. Big Macs are in pretty short supply in Sudan these days, and if you think that’s a bigoted statement, go and check out Ethiopia or Mauritania and go fuck yourself while you’re at it.

These people are a fucking disgrace and an affront to the dignity of every decent hard working black person, not only in America, but in the world. They conform to the stereotypical behaviors and attitudes that are part of the reason racial stereotypes continue to be perpetuated. Is it the fault of a system that can elect a black president, and elevate men and women of color to success and celebrity status through hard work and dedication that these gibbering cretins abuse their wives, abandon their children, and spend their welfare money on drink and drugs? Is it the fault of the system that they feel entitled to destroy the lives and life’s work of other black people in the name of equality? Is it the fault of the system that they refer to their women as hos and bitches and call each other niggers? You might want to listen to what Richard Pryor had to say about that. Is it the fault of the system that they listen to music that celebrates gang violence and kill each other in appalling numbers and that Black Lives Matter has absolutely fuck all to say about it?

And to all you noble narcissistic self-righteous hypocritical honkies bleeding your liberal little hearts out at the injustice and the unfairness of your privileged status, stridently shrieking for this and demanding that as you drive around in your BMW, wearing your Nikes, taking selfies on your Samsung to prove you were there, here’s a bit of advice.

If you’re seriously so sincerely overcome by guilt at your privilege, just pick a random stranger of color and obviously in less fortunate circumstances than yourself, and give her your house, car and bank account. Alternatively, if you’re a politician or celebrity, you can publically donate 0.00000000001% of your net worth and call it altruism, making sure you get a good photo-op while you do it.

If that seems a bit extreme and you want to stick to just taking a taking a knee to demonstrate your contrition and solidarity, I suggest you mosey on down to Birmingham, and wrap your lips around some of that Alabama King Snake that the boys are packing down there. That ought to square things away.

Or when you’ve finished pulling down all the statues of people you actually know nothing about, you could erect a monument to George Floyd, although that would probably be racist because pigeon shit is white.

Alternatively, you could do a bit of research before you open your gaping mouth. Where did your car come from? Who invented it? Who made it? Where did your cell phone come from? How is that produced and by whom? Where did you get your trainers? Interesting reading huh?

So here’s a suggestion. You wouldn’t want to support child labor, debt bondage, wage slavery, fascist regimes or white privilege would you? No, of course not. So stick to your noble principals, throw your phone and trainers out of the window, leave your car by the side of the road, and get the bus home. You’ll enjoy it. You’ll get to sit next to one of the people you turned out to support. You’ll have to sit at the back, of course, but that’s okay. Oh wait. You won’t have to that now. Because of Rosa Parks. Forgive me if I’m misinformed, but to the best of my knowledge, sister Parks never punched anybody in the face, torched anybody’s business, or looted anybody’s store. And on second thoughts you can keep the Nikes. Michael Jordan says it’s okay, and anyway it’s only a few Cambodian kids. It’s only racism if it’s black people.

And if you can’t read you might want to You Tube a few people to get a decent perspective on what’s going on or maybe pick up the latest trending opinion if you haven’t been able to formulate one of your own. Prominent black celebrities would suit your purpose. But don’t make the mistake of listening to Morgan Freeman for example, or Denzel Washington. They are liable to confuse you by saying something intelligent, wise, well considered and reasonable, or worse, really fuck your head up by saying something that might conflict with your preconceptions. You’re better off sticking with those deep thinkers like Anthony ‘Shit myself every time I see a fat Mexican,’ Joshua, or Lewis ‘about as black as the fucking Milky Bar Kid’ Hamilton, for advice on how to alienate all the white people who trained, supported, promoted and paid to watch you and made you a multi-millionaire in the process. Or you could tune in to a bit of Tupac Shakur to get the scoop on how to turn yourself into a mythical cultural icon by having your goons shoot little black kids in the park because the system is unfair.

And if, while you’re digesting this useful information, intellectual revolutionaries protesting the death of George Floyd, break in, steal your TV, empty your fridge, and rape your daughter, before setting your house on fire as they helpfully explain to you that this is the only way they can express their rage over the disgusting injustice that afflicts America and alter the fact that not enough BASE people are football managers, what you can do to help is to embrace the spirit of the thing, fuck your own daughter, and then go and get a can of gas from the basement in case these visionaries are having trouble getting the fire going. Perhaps you could even enjoy a little dance together to the rhythmic ringing of the telephone in the empty police station.

And one last question. And I’m going to ask you to brutally honest here, with yourself and everybody else, which I double goddamn guarantee that 99% of you worthy self-aware crusaders won’t. If George Floyd could be somehow resurrected and beatified, as was suggested today, and you could make that decision, with the proviso that he move in next door to YOU, and cruise up and down YOUR street all day with his homies, high on crystal meth, playing rap music full hole, would you do it? Would you fuck!

What happened to George Floyd was unforgivable in any modern society. Did he deserve it? Of course not. Did he deserve to get arrested? Fuck yes. If that incident had not happened, and George Floyd had driven away, smacked out of his head, and run over somebody’s child, YOUR child, a black child, what then? I’ll tell you what then. It would have been just another tragic little footnote, and Black Lives Matter would not have had a fucking word to say about it.

And here’s the real truth. People care about George Floyd the incident. Its causes consequences and repercussions. But George Floyd the man? Nobody REALLY gives a fuck about George Floyd. George Floyd didn’t give a fuck about George Floyd. If he did, he’d still be alive.

Shane Norwood Sunday, 14. June 2020

at the same Time In Israel! But Who Care???

Iyad Halak’s mother, Rana, arranges his room in their home in East Jerusalem on June 3, 2020. Halak, a Palestinian with severe autism, was chased by Israeli border police and fatally shot after he was apparently mistaken as an attacker.

(Mahmoud Illean / Associated Press)

Israeli police killing of autistic Palestinian man draws George Floyd parallel

Halak’s teacher, who had accompanied him on that last walk to school, told Israel’s Channel 13 TV that she repeatedly cried out to the police that he is “disabled” and tried to stop the shooting. “They didn’t listen to me. They didn’t want to listen to me,” she said.

She told the station they fired three bullets at him. He fell to the ground, asked her for help, then ran for cover in a small area housing a garbage bin. Officers came after him and killed him. At least five bullet holes could be seen in the wall of a small structure at the site.

Sharing Yuval Abraham’s words, after his talk
With Varda Abu Hadid, Iyad El Halak’s therapist
This is Israel, this is the occupation. The horror is ever more comfortable to be discovered in this heartbreaking case, but is not an exception to the reign of Israeli oppression. Hope to see you at the important demonstration against the occupation and annexation – now in Rabin Square.

An hour ago I ended a shocking, long talk about the difficulties I had in my life. I spoke with Varda Abu Hadid, Iyad al-Halak’s therapist, who was murdered last week by a Border soldier in the Old City.

I spoke to her to ask something brief. She was already interviewed enough. I didn’t plan to write anything. But her words, which flowed fluently, struck me, and it became clear immediately that I had to translate them here, in full, verbatim. Without editing anything. She said:

“I am a married woman. I have a thirteen-year-old boy who has since been destroyed, like my own soul. He told me today: Pretty mother, no one will come home anymore. Don’t answer the phone.
I called you and left the house. I don’t want him to hear the conversation between us.
My son saw me in the media, and heard that I was talking about Iyad’s blood, which ran in front of my eyes. He has not left the house since. His dad told him today, let’s go for a walk, and he refused. Afraid of the cops. Do you understand? And I, my children’s mental health is important to me.

How’s your name? jubilee? You’re a Jew? Yes. what? Do not worry. My husband works for the Jews. If you saw how they felt empathy for me, visit me at home. We end up living together, in the same city.

For twenty-five years I work as a therapist at the Center for Special Needs. It’s my life’s mission. On that day, on the way to work, I walked past the police station as always. There was no one there. I continued. I reached the parking lot, next to the trash. I saw the cleaning workers, standing outside.

Then I heard screams. I turned around. See Iyad. It’s Iyad, Iyad! My love! And I hear soldiers shouting. Hear the sound of the weapon in their hand. Then a shot. They shot him, Bayad.

After the shooting, one of the cleaners tells me: Grandma, come hide here, come hide and I, frankly, Halas, the fear took over me, and I wanted to protect myself. I went into the trash. I shivered. Iyad limped after me. He looked at me, and shouted, to the soldiers: With her! With her! I’m with her!

He is lying on the floor, dying. Blood is flowing from his leg, and he is constantly shouting: I’m with her. I’m with her. The soldier screams at him: Give a kiss. Give it a kiss. Screaming at me too. And Iyad raised his hand. I’m with her. Verde I’m with you. I was his salvation.

Iyad was a skinny guy. poor. A submissive man. In general, those with special needs are very weak. Do not know how to defend themselves, only through words they have memorized. ‘I’m with her. I’m with her. ‘ That’s what he knew.

We and the soldiers spoke. Five, six minutes we talked. I told them: I work at a special needs center. Iad my patient. No weapons. He has a certificate in his pocket. Check the certificate. I also had a certificate, check it out. And they hear, but do not want to hear. And Iyad lives, on the floor, and constantly says: I’m with her.

Then they shot him again, after five minutes, in front of my eyes. I heard three bullets. Maybe two. I wasn’t focused. Shoot somebody in front of your eyes, what’s going to happen? The person in me collapsed. My mind, mind, were executed together with him.

Someone came into the room. Dressed in army uniform. A soldier also came in, approached, and pinned her weapon on me. If they release the documentation from the cameras all this will be revealed.

She said: I’m looking for you. I raised my hands. Now, the alienation in my body made her hand, as she patted my body, felt like an electric shock. And it’s a resin. Like torture. Every touch of hand, every time it landed on my body, sent me an electric current.

Then they took me to the police station. Two soldiers, one on the left, one on the right. I almost faint from fatigue. I fasted that day. The room made me take off my clothes. Come on, come on, Haja – the soldier said in Arabic. And again, it ran my hands over my body, and the same thing, electricity freezes me, with every touch of my hand. I was also looking for inside my hair.

Don’t know how I put my clothes back on. I’m like being there again now, in this room, saying to myself – how? How did I manage to put on clothes?

I put a handkerchief on my head. I sat in the chair. The soldier tells me, in Hebrew, want water? I told her no. Do not want. I fasted. Slowly the room is filled with soldiers, and I am blurred, my eyes faded, not paying attention. What’s going on. Who’s there at all. Collapsed. Want someone, someone I can trust.

They got me in the car, took me for questioning. The legs tremble. The mouth is dry. Can’t say anything, talk. Feel the lips can’t move. Four soldiers pulled me to the Russian lot. Someone named Adam said: I’ll investigate you. And that’s it. I told him everything.

This story, it’s like, like somebody deleted me. There are things in my life, personal memories from time to time, that have since disappeared. Secret numbers I remembered, and now I can’t remember. I forgot my ID number. Stuff like that.

At night I will not sleep. Constantly thinking someone is coming, someone who wants to shoot me. My son plays on the computer, what a stupid game that has shooting. I screamed at him. In God, take your time. In God. Don’t want to hear that voice. Do not want. And I’m afraid to be there alone, in the Old City again. I’m talking to you now and my whole body is shaking, do you believe? “

Throughout the conversation with Verde, I cry and remain silent. Then I told her, without thinking: But why was he shot? I do not understand. Why they shot him. Why they did it. He was on the floor, bleeding. And she answered:

“I shouted at them, in Hebrew. It’s crippled. It’s crippled. He has a certificate. But they didn’t want to hear me.

The soldiers are always violent towards us in this city. Iyad is one case. I’ve lived in the city for years, and I’m always scared. Soldiers do not listen to the Arabs. Examining them simply, with contempt, does not see them as human beings, but as animals. And they are in the Old City, armed near schools, treatment centers.

It has to do with officers, and this case has to shock, get them to build trainings, teach soldiers how to conduct themselves. Who also knew that our blood was not cheap. If you do


Halak’s parents said they rushed to the scene but were not allowed to see him. Police later came to the house, cursing them as they searched for weapons, they said. They said police found nothing in the home.


Palestinians lift banners protesting the killing of Eyad Hallaq, a Palestinian man with autism shot dead by Israeli police, and the case of George Floyd, an unarmed black man killed by policeman in the U.S., during a rally by supporters of the Fatah movement in the West Bank city of Hebron.
Hazem Bader/AFP via Getty Images


Death Behind the Garbage Can – Police Shots on Autistic Palestinians

“Iyad Hallak”
Israeli police officers’ fatal shots at a young Palestinian provoke comparisons to the George Floyd case in the United States.
In addition, the victim had a disability.

From Jerusalem Tania Chandler.


Mourning for the son: Iyad Hallak’s mother with his picture

WHO CARE? No report about it , No Demo! only in Israel.

Good God, they executed him. If that happened to my son, I’d find it hard to go on living.


in Austria No Report about It, but all Days about George Floyd and the USA!

Press! who can trust them??
they only feed us news where they have their own interest to profit!

Esther Attar Machanek


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