Wier schemen unz


Wier schemen unz

Ceija Stojka, a survivor of the Roma genocide

Ceija Stojka, a survivor of the Roma genocide,
These scenes deal with the life of Ceija Stojka, a survivor of the Roma genocide, who lived through numerous concentration camps with her brother, Karl Stojka. After the war, she returned to Vienna and worked as a carpet trader.

Composed by Koloman Polák for two percussionists,
flute, piano, electronic music instruments, two sopranos, tenor, bass and cantor,
and directed for the stage by Bruno Berger-Gorski.

Wier schemen unz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-BROc3rTuU&feature=share

Wier schemen unz

Composer: Koloman Polak
Conductor : Simon Krecic
Stage-director : Bruno Berger-Gorski
Ceija Stoijka : Zuzana Rasiova
brother Karl /her husband : Alexander Kaimbacher
SS-Man : Karl Huml
Roma-women (Actress) : Zuzana Rasiova, Janette Zsigova
Brother Ossi /Cantor: Shmuel Barzilai
Production of “Europäisches Musiktheater e.V.” /Köln

An emancipated artist, Ceija Stojka attracted much attention with her poetry, singing and paintings. Many of her works, including Wier schemen unz have been shown worldwide.

Zuzana Rasiova sings the main part of Ceija Stoijka. Composer Koloman Polak and Stage-director Bruno Berger-Gorski asked also the Vienna Ober-Cantor Shmuel Barzilai to participate as a symbol for bridges between Jewish and Roma culture.

This piece shows the middle excerpt of the full-length opera, which would cover the childhood, creative and energetic youth, and later years of Ceija Stojka’s life. This middle period of the artist’s life is characterized by her resistance to patriarchal structures and pressures. The finale, which was composed by Koloman Polak during the rehearsals, takes the form of a duet that grows into a trio and brings in the role of Ceija’s husband as well as that of her brother, Ossi, who died in the concentration camp as a child. The piece evolves into a Kaddish for the murdered Roma, sung together with “Djelem, Djelem”, the Roma anthem.

With Original paintings by Ceija Stoijka

Ceija Stojka, who died in 2013, dedicated her later years to chronicling Nazi atrocitiesThe paintings of Ceija Stojka, dabbed from decades-old memories in oil and acrylic, often lack titles. They are seldom necessary.


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Koloman Polák


Bruno Berger-Gorski



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