Fondazione Merz
Eröffnung / Opening:
Wednesday, 8. March 2017
Ausstellung/ Exhibition: 9. March – 21.05.2017
Via Massena 91 – 10128, Torino
Gili Lavy (Jerusalem, 1987) lives and works in London.
Lavy works predominantly in the medium of Art Film, which takes the form of various executions such as large-scale installations. She continuously investigates the relationship between beliefs, religion and identity, questioning the effect that time and ritual have on their creation and demolition.
Lavy’s work has been exhibited and screened in a number of Galleries, Museums, Art Biennales and Festivals including Epos International Art Festival; Prix Europa Berlin; Tel Aviv Museum of Art; Tate Britain; Art Dubai; Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art; International Biennale of Photography, Belo Horizonte; TAUFF Film Festival; Elia Art Festival, Glasgow; Israel Museum; WOW Film Festival, South Korea; The Center for Contemporary Art, TLV; The Dyson Gallery, London; New Now, Amsterdam.


Mario Merz-Preize. The featured artists
Francesco Arena, Petrit Halilaj, Gili Lavy,
Shahryar Nashat, Suha Traboulsi
Curater  Beatrice Merz
8. March – 21. MAY 2017
Gruppenausstellung der 5 Finalisten von Mario Merz-Preis

The works of the finalists in the second edition of the Mario Merz Prize were presented on March 8, 2017: first, at 6 pm with the opening at Fondazione Merz of the exhibition dedicated to the five finalists in the art section, and later, at 8: 30 pm, at the Biblioteca Civica Musicale Andrea Della, with the concert by the finalists in the music section.

The featured artists – Francesco ArenaPetrit HalilajGili LavyShahryar Nashat and Suha Traboulsi – were shortlisted as finalists by members of the pre-selection panel Marisa Merz (artist), Nicholas Cullinan (Director of the National Portrait Gallery, London) and Claudia Gioia (independent curator). The exhibition – curated by Beatrice Merz – showcases the finalists’ works, which have been selected among their most significant pieces.

The public is invited to vote for their favorite artist by visiting the exhibition or logging into this website to view the artwork online and take part in the voting process. The public vote will be added to the votes cast by a Final Jury, whose members are: Manuel Borja-Villel (Director Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid), Massimiliano Gioni (Head Curator New Museum, New York – Art Director Fondazione Trussardi, Milan), Lawrence Weiner (artist), and Beatrice Merz.

The winning artist will exhibit his or her work in a solo show to be set up in the exhibition spaces of the Fondazione Merz in Turin and Switzerland.

The  concert, organized by the Fondazione Merz in collaboration with the Biblioteca Civica Musicale “Andrea Della Corte”, was held in the setting of the Eighteenth-century Villa La Tesoriera: it was conducted by Willy Merz and performed by the DE SONO Futura Ensemble a in partnership with the Associazione DE SONO.

The finalists in the Music Section, Gabriele CosmiGeoffrey GordonPierre Mariétan and Catherine Milliken, were selected by a panel composed of Giacomo Agazzini (violinist and teacher at the Conservatorio G. Verdi of Turin), Stefano Pierini (composer and teacher at the Centro di Formazione Musicale in Turin) and Philip Samartzis (sound-designer and lecturer at the University of Melbourne).

Also for the Music section, the public can express its preference when visiting the Fondazione Merz or by logging into this website.

The public vote will be added to the votes cast by the Final Jury, whose members are: Dieter Ammann (composer), Thomas Demenga (cellist and composer), Alexander Lonquich (pianist) and Willy Merz.

The winning composer will be commissioned a music piece for a gallery space and a composition, which will be performed in Turin and Switzerland.



8. März – 21. Mai 2017
der fünf Finalisten der zweiten Auflage des Preises Mario Merz 
Francesco Arena (Torre Santa Susanna, Brindisi 1978), Petrit Halilaj
(Kostërrc, Skenderaj-Kosovo 1986), Gili Lavy (Jerusalem, 1987), Shahryar Nashat
(Genf, 1975) und Suha Traboulsi (Freetown, Sierra Leone, 1969)
sind die ausgewählten Künstler von der Jury von Marisa Merz (Künstler),
Nicholas Cullinan (Direktor der National Portrait Gallery, London)
und Claudia Joy (freie Kuratorin).
Die Ausstellung, kuratiert von Beatrice Merz sammelt Werke von jedem Autor, zu den bedeutendsten ihrer künstlerischen Praxis gewählt.
Die Öffentlichkeit kann für ihren Favoriten abstimmen , indem Sie die Ausstellung besuchen oder auf der Website verbinden ( Projekte der Künstler zu bewerten.
Die Abstimmung der Öffentlichkeit wird auf die Antwort der Jury hinzufügen komponiert von Manuel Borja-Villel (Direktor des Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid), Lawrence Weiner (Künstler), Massimiliano Gioni (Künstlerischer Leiter des New Museum, New York – Künstlerischer Leiter Trussardi Foundation Mailand,) und Beatrice Merz.
Der Gewinner wird eine Produktion für eine Wanderausstellung Personal in Museen in Turin und in der Schweiz in Auftrag gegeben werden.
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