Gallery Alon Segev

Alon Segev Gallery
Jean-Baptiste Bernadet / Fugue
Opening Reception:
Thursday, 6.04.2017 | 20 – 22 pm
Closing: Friday, 19.05.2017 | 13 pm
Exhibition: 7.04. – 19.05.2017
6 Rothschild Blvd
Tel Aviv 6688109


Oil and cold wax on canvas 200X180 cm
Photography: Hugard & Vanoverschelde
Courtesy of the Artist, Almine Rech Gallery and Alon Segev Gallery
Jean-Baptiste Bernadet
7.04. – 19.05.2017
Jean-Baptiste Bernadet (b. 1978, Paris) lives and works between Brussels, Belgium, and New York, USA.
Jean-Baptiste Bernadet’s references range across a broad spectrum of art historical precedents, from Monet, Vuillard and Munch in the past to Joe Bradley and Josh Smith in the present. Like his forebears in color painting, Bernadet uses the ways that colors, and their interaction, both activate the senses and allow the viewer to reflect back on the nature of that sensory activation, something which we realize in conditioned by both us and the artist being products of a certain time and place.
Jean-Baptiste Bernadet produces the Fugue paintings through a deceptively simple technique. He builds up a field by taking a thin brush and progressively and systematically, if always intuitively, laying down a flurry of quick marks in his often-bright palette of oils mixed with wax and alkyd. There are slight variations in the application of each mark; the overall effect, however, is towards unity, with the field being built up in an all-over fashion. Bernadet’s goal is to prevent the eye from being able to definitively locate any points of focus such that, as he paints, the artist constantly adjusts any passages that seem to jump out at him.
For this reason, any natural analogues suggested in the Fugue paintings, especially of landscape or sky, exist in terms of experience rather than iconography. His carpets of undulating color vibrate in the eye suggest how one might feel standing in a landscape, a light breeze rusting the grass, and causing a pond to sparkle, rather than directly indexing the literal view one would have. (Excerpted from Alex Bacon’s essay, Jean-Baptiste Bernadet Between Spectacle And Subversion, 2017)
This exhibition is the outcome of a collaboration between
Alon Segev Gallery and Almine Rech Gallery


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