Sasha Okun

U&I Gallery Auditorium
Sasha Okun
A Harmony of Dissonance
Press Preview:
Thursday 29. September 2016 | 5pm -9pm
6pm -9pm : interview with Sasha Okun
Curator Hagai Segev
Exhibition: 29 Sept –13. October 2016
open daily for public view
7a Howick Place, Victoria, London, SW1P 1DZ
U& I Gallery Auditorium
Sasha Okun
“A Harmony of Dissonance”
Sasha Okun in Conversation
Saturday 8. October 2016 | 11am-5pm,
during Frieze.
A brunch and open talk held by Sasha and
Hagai Segev with guest academics.
Exhibition: 29 Sept –13. October 2016
7a Howick Place, Victoria, London, SW1P 1DZ
Entry is free


Artso is proud to bring this solo exhibition of Sasha Okun to London.   This major presentation of 26 artworks is from a private collection that derives from a largely unseen Artist’s catalogue of 300 works spanning 15 years. The show will feature exceptional large scale works such as a triptych, with several individual works approximating to 3m x 2m in size.

“A Harmony of Dissonance” represents the journey of Sasha’s life through nearly 70 years, his sense of displacement and ‘minority’ status.    Born in 1949 in Leningrad, Sasha is a Russian Jew who emigrated to Jerusalem in 1979 where he has worked since.

The art works feature in respected private collections and live with the ‘great artists’ be they modern, impressionist or contemporary, a rare and special trait of Sasha and his work.

Michael Marx, founder of Artso: “The works are reflective of a life displaced.  Sasha seems to intentionally study or subconsciously interpret his mind to displace the story or moment his artwork holds.  This struck me from when I first met Sasha over a decade ago and why I feel it is important his work is seen and shared. “

Respected international curator, Hagai Segev: “I wanted to be involved in this project from day 1 and am delighted Michael invited me to participate.   Rarely would an artist’s career and body of works be kept together ready for delivery and introduction to our Art audience.  I identified with the quality and caliber of this collection of works in a similar manner as how Sasha would describe himself – ‘a craftsman’, all of which is apparent when seeing the quality and intellectual depth of his works. Sasha’s intellect is that of a philosopher, visible by the storytelling within his work which reaches beyond the ‘canvas’, albeit the works are executed on wood/board in a fresco manner but with oil paint which lands a very unique and deep feeling to the paintings.”

Commenting on his work, Sasha Okun says: “”The people I’m interested in are ordinary, simple, pot-bellied and aging – in short, just like me. They are far from the idealised 90-60-90.   After all, everyone is ultimately a self portrait.   What is man? It is the fear of death, vanity, stupidity, greed, lust, pain and so on and along with it nobility, generosity, love and a mind. And a lot of other silly things.  All this is a wonderful cocktail that is called human life.”

A current museum show at Petach Tikvah Museum of Art in Israel which opens next month and the forthcoming 2017 Summer Museum show “New Aquisitons” at the Albertina Musuem, Vienna are additional to the inclusion of Sasha’s works in collections such as Russky Museum in St Petersberg Russia and the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.


U + I Gallery Auditorium,

7a Howick Place, Victoria, London, SW1P 1DZ

Entry is free

Notes to Editor


Artso was founded by Michael Marx specifically to support Sasha Okun, thus allowing him the freedom to apply his ‘craft’. Artso operates across Europe, Israel and North America.



One bright morning I set out to paint the landscape around Bethlehem.
All of a sudden there was the muse standing in front of me.
I recognized her right away.
Good morning, I greeted her.
Hello, Sasha, she said.
Why did you reveal yourself to me? I asked.
If you want to say something, go ahead, because I have no time to spare. The paints are drying up.
What is there to say, my dear Sasha. You know everything yourself…
What’s the use of trying to fathom the meaning of profound concepts, or wasting your life searching for a gospel for humanity?
Look around! The myth is more real than reality, and the mundane is full of charm. The less attention you pay to yourself the more yourself you will be.
The eternal is more innovative than the latest news. Banality harbours a hidden secret, while the pursuit of originality is really banal…
The muse kept on talking till I interrupted her to ask:
All right, madam, but what does all this have to do with me? What exactly do you want with me?
She looked at me dumfounded for a few moments, then waved her hand in despair, handed me a paintbrush and vanished.
Go figure it out…

Sasha Okun was born 1949 in Leningrad, USSR.

1972 he graduated as M. A. from
Muchina Academy of Arts & Design.

In 1979 Sasha emigrated to Jerusalem.

Hagai Segev Curators is a curators studio dedicated to projects of museums and exhibition design and planning. The studio is active in Israel and Europe.

Hagai Segev –

Artso  –

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