28.– 31.1.2021 (physical fair)

28.1.–7.2.2021 (online)

Johannesgasse 28 1010 Wien, Österreich

Participating GALLERIES

and the editions — Croy Nielsen

ERMES ERMES — Galerie Martin Janda

Georg Kargl Fine Arts — GIANNI MANHATTAN

Galerie Hubert Winter — Krobath Wien

Layr — Meyer Kainer

Galerie nächst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwälder


Participating ARTISTS

14_ASB_Don’t smoke_Galerie Emanuel Layr

Anna-Sophie Berger (*1989, Austria, lives and works in Vienna and New York City), presented by LAYR


Ernst Caramelle (*1952, Austria, lives and works in Frankfurt, Karlsruhe and New York City) presented by Galerie Nächst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwälder

Aleksandra Domanović

Aleksandra Domanović (*1981, Former Yugoslavia, lives and works in Berlin), presented by and the editions


Melanie Ebenhoch (*1985, Austria, lives and works in Vienna), presented by Galerie Martin Janda

Luisa Gardini (*1935, Italy, lives and works in Rome) presented by Ermes Ermes


Gelatin (artist collective, est. 1993, live and work in Vienna) presented by Meyer Kainer

Matthieu Haberard (*1991, France, lives and works in Paris) presented by Gianni Manhattan

Lone Haugaard Madsen (*1974, Denmark, lives and works in Vienna), presented by Sophie Tappeiner

28 – Martin Hotter – DEMEME

Martin Hotter (*1978, Germany, lives and works in Vienna), presented by Vin Vin

Alfredo Jaar (*1956, Chile, lives and works in New York City), presented by Hubert Winter


David Maljkovic (*1973, Croatia, lives and works in Zagreb), presented by Georg Kargl Fine Art


Soshiro Matsubara (*1980, Japan, lives and works in Vienna), presented by Croy Nielsen

Jenni Tischer (*1979, Germany, lives and works in Vienna and Berlin), presented by Krobath Wien.

Together, these thirteen artistic positions will offer audiences a stimulating dive into Vienna’s art scene, providing a snapshot of the participating galleries’ diverse programs and current artistic practices in the Austrian capital. A varied range of works will be on view, from pieces by local emerging artists such as Melanie Ebenhoch and Martin Hotter to work by internationally established artists such as Austrian painter Ernst Caramelle and 2020 Hasselblad Award recipient Alfredo Jaar. Seven out of the thirteen artists live and work in Vienna, and more than half of the galleries presenting them opened in the city less than 10 years ago.

INTERCONTI WIENA boutique fair initiated by Vienna-based galleries

A cross-generational group of thirteen artists and artist collectives, more than half of whom live and work in Vienna,

will be presented by participating galleries for INTERCONTI WIEN.


The digital and physical chapters of Interconti stand on equal footing. The fair is articulated around the idea of hybridity: Viewers will be able to enjoy the fair on-site in Vienna and online, and exhibitors will have the possibility to showcase their presentations in an innovative manner to both local and international audiences. The virtual component of the fair, conceived by the digital agency treat, is a bespoke platform allowing for an immersive experience. While all galleries will be able to offer their works on Interconti’s website, it goes beyond the idea of a basic online viewing room. A continuous, interactive video stream of installation views, single artwork shots, and interviews with participating gallerists and artists will provide in-depth insight into the featured projects. The video stream will serve not only as the central narrative of INTERCONTI WIEN’s virtual presence, but also as its navigational tool. Users will have the option to learn more about artworks, artists, and galleries via several portals embedded into the stream, which they can navigate to their liking.


we hope to reach a wider audience, as we believe there is an interest beyond Austria for the art scene in Vienna – a city where a number of young galleries have opened during the past few years,’ say organizers Emanuel Layr, Henrikke Nielsen, and Sophie Tappeiner.

‘In a time where other fairs cannot take place, we are excited to host an event in Vienna, with the potential of reaching an international audience through an experimental online platform,’ they add.

Running January 28 – February 7, 2021,

INTERCONTI WIEN will take place under the strictest hygiene precautions and in compliance with the current Austrian government regulations.

More information is available on www.interconti.wienas well as on the fair’s Instagram and Facebook channels via

Hotel InterContinental Vienna


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