present I smelled this 2020


OSAMA ZATAR -I smelled this 2020
(A play on Gottfried Helnwein’s “ I saw this”) Mixed Media, , life size 195 x 120 cm
Foto: https://esel.at/album/787/parallel-vienna-2020

This piece is part of a new series of works dealing with children and childhood in the shadow of war and conflict.The playfulness of children, even in times of conflict remains a deep childhood memory of mine. Even in the most impossible of realities, young minds are able to find creative solutions.Triggered by my own childhood experiences, and in addition to the current COVID-19 crisis, this sculpture presents a young boy wearing a mask against tear gas in which he has placed an onion.

Gaza’s onion boy: My goal is to take back my grandparents’ landImage of Mohamed Ayyash using an onion mask to protect himself from Israeli tear gas went viral on social media.

3D- DruckPrint, 15x22x22 @zatarosama

Osama Zatar*1980 Born in Ramallah,Palestine.Lives and works in Vienna

Education and Awards:

2014 – Diplom Mag of Art Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

2008 -2014 – Studying in the Academyof Fine Arts Vienna,

class Prof. Heimo Zobernig


2005 -Studied stone sculpting with Paul Taylor and worked as a studio

1996 – 97 -Studied in Jerusalem carpentry and architectural drawing.

© WOSAMA 2020

Der Nationalismus schottet uns von einander ab

Who am I?

I was born in 1980 in occupied Palestine. Borders, checkpoints and the feeling of being caged has been a constant experience throughout my life and naturally became a main subject of my artistic work.My personal struggle against borders increased in the past years. My marriage to an Israeli woman emphasized how separated and segregated Palestinians and Israelis are from each other. My personal fight to break those borders and my struggle to leave Palestine has driven me to concentrate on my artistic work, as a tool of communication with my surrounding, to speak out against these forces.

3D- Druck Print, 11x22x16 cm @zatarosama
Israel Wall icon
on one side the dogmother on the other side her puppies, 3D- Druck Print, 15x22x22



Iddo Markus Israel, All together now 2019
Oil on Wood | 20 x 40 cm 

presented by EstherArtNewsletter ArtNetWorking

With artists from my collection:

Anna Attar • Amnon David Ar • Alfredo Barsuglia • Gianluca Capozzi • Rudi Cotroneo • Christian Eisenberger • Hans Glaser • Franz Graf • Mario Grubisic • Yves Hayat • Behruz Heschmat • Wolfgang Herzig • Olivia Kaiser • Merlin Kratky • Larissa Leverenz • Iddo Markus • Fabian Erik Patzak • Florian Raditsch • Hubert Scheibl • Stylianos Schicho • Karen Holländer Schnur • Martin Schnur • Felix Theile • Martin Veigl • Eva Wagner •Nazim Unal Yilmaz • Osama Zatar

Curated by Esther Attar-Machanek

ArtNetWorking | Collector | Curator | Press


Text about the Exhibition by Wolfgang Koch



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