kamel mennour London
Opening on Monday, 15. April 2019 | 6 – 8 pm.
Vernissage le lundi 15 avril, 18h à 20h.
Exhibition: 16/04/ – 30/05/2019
16 avril – 30 mai 2019
51 Brook Street, London W1K 

Gina Pane was a central figure in the French arts scene in the 1970s-1980s, a prolific artist who skillfully practiced in a range of media throughout her career. These included painting, sculpture, installation, action, and photography, the latter in close collaboration with Françoise Masson, who photographed all of Pane’s actions after a period of planning in which the two artists sketched out the imagery of the action in texts and preparatory drawings.
Gina Pane made use of a great range of materials that she chose for their intrinsic qualities and their symbolic overtones (earth, wood, glass, aluminum, iron, lead, copper, tin, felt, marble), as well as objects that could be either playful, using children’s toys, or cutting, using broken glass and razors. But between the late 1960s and the end of the 1970s, it was her own body that Pane privileged as the principle material of her creation and the instrument of the new language of body art. ‘All my creation is directly materialised by my body as a principle material and tool for my concepts,’ Pane wrote in her Notes. It was with her body that she would explore and test the world and its limits like no artist before her.
The current exhibition emphasises the importance of colour, composition, and construction, as well as the diversity of subjects and materials, in Pane’s work, with a series of six works chosen to reflect the different stages of her career. These run from her earliest paintings, heavily influenced by geometric abstraction (1964-1967), to the works made in homage to nature (1968-1970), to the heavily symbolic public actions with their rituals of wounding (1971-1979), to the Partitions, her final sculptural works inspired by the lives of the Christian martyrs (1980-1989). With the pieces placed facing one another in chronological order, the exhibition draws out the conceptual and formal coherence of Pane’s work, at the crossroads of the poetic and the sacred, politics and questions of identity, the intimate and the extimate, between the earth and the sky.
Gina Pane’s basic wish was to awaken people’s minds from an anesthetising, media-driven torpor. In the process, she built her own myth and left us with a rich body of work that in its various facets asks questions that are still relevant today. It is a vibrant, open body of work, radical and visionary, generous and sincere, feminine without being feminist, endlessly seeking for an eternal communion with the spectator.

‘It is to YOU that I am speaking, because you are the “unity” of my work: THE OTHER.’

Gina Pane, Lettre à un(e) inconnu(e), 1974

— Emma-Charlotte Gobry-Laurencin

kamel mennour Paris
Vernissage le mardi 16 avril, 18h à 20h, 
Opening: Tuesday, 16. April 2019 | 6 – 8 pm.
EXPOSITION : 17 avril – 25 mai 2019
April 17 – May 25, 2019
28 avenue Matignon, Paris 8

© Robin Rhode. Courtesy the artist and kamel mennour, Paris/London

kamel mennour Paris
Du 18 avril au 4 mai 2019
April 18 – May 4, 2019
6, rue du Pont de Lodi, Paris 6 

Michelangelo Merisi, dit / known as il Caravaggio ou / or le Caravage (1571-1610). Judith et Holopherne / Judith and Holofernes
Vers / circa 1607. © Cabinet Turqui

Kamel Mennour est heureux de présenter, pour la première fois en France, Judith et Holopherne, un tableau exceptionnel du Caravage – découvert dans un grenier toulousain en 2014 et authentifié par Éric Turquin, expert en tableaux anciens, en 2016 – en regard de l’œuvre Pyramidal, haut-relief – A5, travail in situ de Daniel Buren.
Avant sa mise aux enchères le 27 juin prochain sous le marteau du commissaire-priseur Marc Labarbe, le chef-d’œuvre classique de ce maître incontesté du Baroque italien – génie tumultueux né à Milan en 1571 et mort à Porto Ercole en 1610, dont on ne connaissait jusque-là que soixante-cinq toiles – entame donc un dialogue hypnotique et totalement inédit avec l’œuvre résolument contemporaine de l’artiste français (né en 1938 à Boulogne-Billancourt). Un face-à-face saisissant, éclairé de façon magistrale par le concepteur lumière Madjid Hakimi, dans l’espace du 6 rue du Pont de Lodi.

Photo‑souvenir : Daniel Buren. Pyramidal, haut‑relief – A5, travail in situ, 2017.
© ADAGP Daniel Buren. Photo. archives kamel mennour. Courtesy the artist and kamel mennour, Paris/London

Kamel Mennour is pleased to present for the first time in France, Judith and Holofernes, an exceptional painting by Caravaggio—discovered in an attic in Toulouse in 2014 and authenticated in 2016 by the expert in Old Masters Éric Turquin—together with Daniel Buren’s site-specific work, Pyramidal, haut-relief – A5, travail in situ.
Before being placed on auction on the 27th of June under the direction of Marc Labarbe, this classic masterpiece by the uncontested master of Italian Baroque—a tumultuous genius born in Milan in 1571, who died in Porto Ercole in 1610, responsible for only sixty five known works at the moment of the discovery—will be in hypnotic and completely unprecedented dialogue with the resolutely contemporary work of the French artist (born in 1938 in Boulogne-Billancourt). This striking face-to-face, majestically lit by light designer Madjid Hakimi, will be present in the space at 6 rue du Pont de Lodi.



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