group exhibition
Opening: Friday, 15. Dezember 2017 | 6 pm
Carlos AIRES, FARKAS Dénes, Vadim FISHKIN,
Radenko MILAK & Roman URANJEK,
Curator: Annamária Molnár
Opening speech: Attila Horányi, art-historian, MOME
Exhibition: 16. Dezember 2017- 27 January 2018
36. Bródy Sándor street, Budapest, 8th district



unnamed (1)

Radenko MILAK & Roman URANJEK
1980, Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina (former YU)
(lives and works in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
1961, Trbovlje, Slovenia (former YU)  (lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia)




The Ani Molnár Gallery inaugurates its new Budapest location with the opening of a group show entitled Issues of Uncertainty. Annamária Molnár, curator of the exhibition, built and centred the show around this theme by inviting artists mainly from the CEE region. Issues of Uncertainty will present chiefly conceptual artworks that use different media and illustrate several variations of uncertainty. For example: uncertainty of the past and its relation to the past are just as present as the uncertainty of avant-garde signs and their belief-systems. Or the uncertainty of the cross’ symbolic meaning of religion or profanity, the uncertainty of identity and its questionable preservation, the uncertainty of social principles and values; and even in a broader sense, the uncertainty of symbols like the alliance of images and text — or simply the uncertainty of what’s up and down.




Carlos AIRES | 1974, Malaga, Spain
lives and works in Madrid, Spain



Among the mostly foreign exhibiting artists, we can find a founding member of the IRWIN group, Roman URANJEK, who collaborates with his compatriot ex-Yugoslavian Radenko MILAK to create a project called Dates. Together they combine Uranjek’s series, At Least One Cross A Day After 1.1.2002 and Milak’s 365 Images of Time, turning the artworks into peculiar and constantly shifting diptychs, hovering between stories and histories. Spaniard Carlos AIRES shows works from his Disasters series: these collages take certain nations’ banknotes, altering them with a relevant cut-out of a photo, thus transmitting a strong political message. London-based Croatian artist Tina GVEROVIĆ’s four-pieced drawing series, entitled Soft Touch – Makings of Europe depicts the shaping of continents and the accidental nature of our borders. Ljubljana-based Russian Vadim FISHKIN’s giant vine-like folding-ruler, from which the cloth pegs stick out like countless thorns, reaches up to the sky. Such details from this artwork from 1994, Count up, Count down immortalize the unknown aim of the set of measurements. The picturesque beauty of Hong Kong resident Tamás WALICZKY’s animation, Marionettes, shows collapsing humans with animal and plant heads, the predictable falling down of the figurines accompanied by a subtle rhythm, but the questions ‘why them?’ and ‘why must they perish that way?’ remain unanswered. Dénes FARKAS, who lives in Tallinn, offers his “of places no longer being separated” series, which works between the crosstalk and tension of spaces, images and texts, expressing the almost existentialist uncertainties of perception, knowledge and presence. Péter FORGÁCS’ video work, entitled Zsófia Bán Poison, visualizes the novel by condensing a segment of Katalin Karádi’s make-believe, fictional life in São Paolo. The author is sitting in backlight, reading her own texts, while Forgács’ homemade videos of Bán’s father and highlighted excerpts of texts veil her, strengthening the base-narrative of the late diva’s identity crisis related to emigration.
Attila Horányi, art-historian, MOME


Dénes FARKAS  1974, Budapest, Hungary
(lives and works in Tallinn, Estonia)



The artists whose works are featured in this group show at the Ani Molnár Gallery are all internationally acclaimed, and have exhibited at top institutes and Biennales. At the 2017 Venice Biennale the works of Tina GVEROVIĆ, Radenko MILAK, Roman URANJEK and Vadim FISHKIN (who is represented by Gallery Podnar, Berlin) were shown. It was Fishkin’s fourth participation at that event. Dénes FARKAS represented Estonia at the Venice Biennale in 2013, and Péter FORGÁCS in 2009 exhibited at the Hungarian Pavilion. Carlos AIRES has shown at the Bucharest Biennale, while Tamás WALICZKY at the Lyon and Seville Biennale. Issues of Uncertainty promises to be an exemplary event in the gallery’s dynamic programme, and an exceptional addition to the local art scene.

Vadim FISHKIN  1965, Penza, Russia (former USSR)
(lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Péter FORGÁCS  1950, Budapest, Hungary
(lives and works in Budapest, Hungary)
Tina GVEROVIĆ  1975, Zagreb, Croatia (former YU)
(lives and works in London, UK)
Tamás WALICZKY  1959, Budapest, Hungary
(lives and works in Hong Kong)




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