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Kunsthaus Baselland
Ines Goldbach, Director Kunsthaus Baselland and
Anthony Vischer, President Kunsthaus Baselland
Honoring the artist
Markus Amm, Piero Golia, Itziar Okariz
Wednesday, 14. June 2017 | 9 am -Noon
St. Jakob-Strasse 170
4132 Muttenz, Basel Switzerland
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Kunsthaus Baselland / Art Basel
Special opening hours during Art Basel:
Monday–Sunday 10am–6pm
St. Jakob-Strasse 170
4132 Muttenz, Basel Switzerland
Hours: Tuesday–Sunday 11am–5pm
Piero Golia
Chalet Grand Finale, 5. Februar 2016 Foto: Bret Redman
Kunsthaus Baselland
Book launch:
15. June 2017 | 10–11am
catalogues of Markus Amm and Piero Golia
St. Jakob-Strasse 170
4132 Muttenz, Basel Switzerland
Hours: Tuesday–Sunday 11am–5pm
Markus Amm
Ölfarbe auf Leinwand auf Gesso-Board Foto: Lucas Olivet
Kunsthaus Baselland
16. June 2017 | 10–11am
Artist’s talk
Itziar Okariz talks with artist Lara Almarcegui
St. Jakob-Strasse 170
4132 Muttenz, Basel Switzerland
Hours: Tuesday–Sunday 11am–5pm
Itziar Okariz Video Notes, 2017.
Installationsansicht Kunsthaus Baselland, 2017. Foto: Serge Hasenböhler
Art Parcours Night in Kooperation
mit Kunsthaus Baselland
Live Performance
Itziar Okariz
Samstag, 17. Juni 2017 | 18-23 Uhr
Kreuzgang Maria-Magdalena-Kapelle.


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Samstag, 17. Juni 2017 | 18-23 Uhr
Hans Berg, Kaserne Basel, Rossstall 2, Klybeckstr. 1b | N7
Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, Elfdausigjumpferestube, Rheinsprung 12 | N5
Than Hussein Clark, Erste Kirche Christi, Picassoplatz 2 | N1
Eric Hattan & Julian Sartorius, Bau- und Verkehrsdepartement, Lichthof, Münsterplatz 11 | N4
Moved by the Motion, Martinskirche, Martinskirchplatz 4 | N6
Shana Moulton, Kunstmuseum Basel, Neubau, St. Alban-Graben 20 | N2
Itziar Okariz, Basler Münster, Kreuzgang, Maria-Magdalena-Kapelle | N3
Münsterplatz Basel 4051 Switzerland
Kunsthaus Baselland
Markus Amm, Piero Golia, Itziar Okariz
Exhibition: 28. April – 16. July 2017
Curator: Ines Goldbach, Director Kunsthaus Baselland
Exhibition Assistant: Patricia Hug
St. Jakob-Strasse 170
4132 Muttenz, Basel Switzerland
Hours: Tuesday–Sunday 11am–5pm




Los Angeles-based Piero Golia (b.1974, Italy) kicks off three solo exhibitions. Golia counts among the most idiosyncratic contemporary conceptual artists, consistently challenging dominant systems and conditions—not only in art. In 2005 he co-founded the Mountain School of Arts in Los Angeles, where students can learn and take classes without having to pay any fees. In 2013 he set up Chalet Hollywood—a form of club with loans and works by artist friends—to enable an experience of art through conversations, shared meals and exchanges, etc., in one place. Now in the Kunsthaus Baselland Golia skilfully deals with the expectations placed upon artists and how they appear in public, but equally considers their ability to generate a social fabric. Golia calls his work The Painter; it consists of a huge robot that moves along lengthy tracks which—in response to visitors entering—begins to act somewhat strangely and, specifically, to paint. “In my opinion” says Golia, “we should seek open models in which the viewer has the possibility of forming their own narrative.” This is exactly what is possible by interacting with the painting robot. (A catalogue with an interview between Piero Golia and Jonathan Monk and a text by Ines Goldbach accompanies the exhibition. Publisher: NERO, ISBN: 978-88-8056-003-6)


markusamm 5.20.39


New works by artist Markus Amm (b.1967, Germany) who lives in Geneva are shown in the spaces of the Kunsthaus upper storey, creating a clear connection to Golia’s Painter. His fascinating and sometimes enigmatic abstract painting allows viewers a distinct, unusual visual experience. Amm pours thinned oil paint onto the surface of gesso-coated boards which he has painstakingly prepared. The colours flow together in varying formations, partly controlled and partly left to chance. The result is painting which seems to develop bit by bit before your eyes almost like a polaroid image, and which, through its astonishing effect of depth, creates its own spaces as well as a new spatial structure in combination with the surrounding architecture. (A catalogue with an interview between Markus Amm and Ines Goldbach and a text by Jan Verwoert accompanies the exhibition. Publisher: Karma, New York, ISBN: 978-1-942607-72-4)




Finally, with the exhibition from Itziar Okariz (b.1965, Spain), which occupies the whole lower floor of the Kunsthaus, the first survey of the extensive work by the Basque performance artist is possible. The discovery of how identity is constructed is key to her practice. In recent works Okariz focusses on dealing with language and the possibility of shifts of meaning through language. In fragments, repetitions, elisions and new combinations words and sentences are tested to see if new correlations of meaning can be created. The exhibition was made in cooperation with partner institutions in Madrid (CA2M. Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo) and San Sebastián (Tabakalera. Centro Internacional de Cultura Contemporánea). A comprehensive catalogue of Okariz’ work will be produced in collaboration with these venues.

Curator: Ines Goldbach, Director Kunsthaus Baselland


Coming soon

Marcia Hafif, Maja Rieder
September 15–November 12, 2017
Opening: September 14, 6:30pm



Partners of Kunsthaus Baselland: kulturelles.bl, Migros Kulturprozent, Gemeinde Muttenz, werner sutter, prolog.work, tresor contemporary craft, ROLDENFUND, Acción Cultural Española (AC/E), Embajada de España en Suiza




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