Fondazione Giorgio Cini

Yesterday/Today/Tomorrow: Traceability is Credibility

Bryan Mc Cormack
13 May 2017
an installation by the Irish artist Bryan Mc Cormack
Performance 23 May 2017
curated by Bryan Mc Cormack
and Dr. Henry Bell from the Sheffield Hallam University
Opening times for Press and Professionals:
Wednesday 10th May 2017 | 10am – 6pm
Thursday 11th May 2017 | 10am – 6pm
Venice Art Night, Saturday, 17 June 2017
Talk: artist Bryan Mc Cormack
Exhibition: 12 May – 13 August 2017
Island of San Giorgio Maggiore,
Vaporetto line n°2 | “San Giorgio” stop

Yesterday/Today/Tomorrow: Traceability is Credibility

 The Irish artist Bryan Mc Cormack retells the odyssey of refugees in an installation promoted by the Fondazione Giorgio Cini

12 May – 13 August 2017

 On 13 May 2017, an installation by Irish artist Bryan Mc Cormack will be unveiled on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice. Entitled Yesterday/Today/ Tomorrow: Traceability is Credibility, the work has been promoted by the Fondazione Giorgio Cini and is one of the collateral events at the Biennale di Venezia – 57th International Art Exhibition.


Refugee Drawing Title : Yesterday : By a 14 years old Afghan Girl.
Currently living in Kara Tepe Refugee Camp, Lesbos Island Greece.

 Yesterday/Today/Tomorrow is the result of conceptual work on the current migrant phenomenon by Bryan Mc Cormack. The core of the installation is the visualisation of the European refugee crisis and the beginning of a research project to collect, preserve and interpret the visual data, aimed at giving the refugees their own, independent voice. The artist has spent over one year in dozens of camps across Europe where he worked with hundreds of refugees from a multitude of nationalities to asked them to draw three sketches on three sheets of paper with coloured pens. They were asked to sketch their past life (Yesterday), their present life (Today), and to imagine their future (Tomorrow). The drawings have been gathered together and will be used as “visual blocks” for the centrepiece of the installation.


Then, on 23 May 2017, a performance to be staged on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, will be curated by Bryan Mc Cormack and Dr. Henry Bell from the Sheffield Hallam University. In the style of Augusto Boal’s Image Theatre, Dr. Bell’s students will be invited to focus actively on the experience and aspiration of the refugees as expressed in their drawings. Lastly, on Saturday 17 June 2017, as part of the Venice Art Night, Bryan Mc Cormack will give a talk at the Fondazione Cini on the Island of San Giorgio.

The overall project gives refugees their own, independent voice also on the Social Media: three drawings will be posted every day on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In this way, with no barriers of language or education, the artist wishes to sensitize the world to the crisis.


Refugee Drawing Title : Today. By a 13 years old Syrian Boy.
Currently living in Kara Tepe Refugee Camp, Lesbos Island, Greece.

Bryan Mc Cormack was born in Dublin in 1972, and now lives and works in Paris. He has mainly created works dealing with specifically social and political subject matters. He has had over thirty solo or group shows in venues such as the Centre Pompidou and UNESCO, Paris, the Empire Gallery, London, and the Museo Chopin, Valldemossa. One of his monumental public works is permanently installed in the park of Saint-Cloud, Paris.

Venice, April-August 2017

Contemporary art to the fore at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini in 2017

The Fondazione Cini exhibitions in 2017 all feature contemporary art: a first showing of Vik Muniz photographs at the Palazzo Cini at San Vio, a large Alighiero Boetti retrospective and a Bryan Mc Cormack installation dedicated to migrants on San Giorgio

 To coincide with the seasonal reopening of the Palazzo Cini Gallery at San Vio, from 21 April, the museum-house will host an exhibition of works by internationally renowned artist and photographer Vik Muniz, entitled Afterglow: Pictures of Ruins, curated by the Institute of Art History director, Luca Massimo Barbero (21 April-24 July). Muniz’s art is based on the re-elaboration in a very personal key of celebrated works rooted in the collective imagination. In this case he was inspired by paintings in the great Venice lagoon tradition, by artists such as Francesco Guardi and Canaletto, whose works were actually shown at San Vio during the recent exhibition entitled Rediscovered Masterpieces from the Vittorio Cini Collection. The Muniz solo show is being staged in collaboration with Ben Brown Fine Arts, London.

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