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Press preview with accreditation:
Wednesday, 10. May 2017 | 10 am – 6 pm
Thursday, 11 May 2017 | 10 am – 6 pm
Friday 12 May 2017 | 10 am – 6 pm
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Museo di Palazzo Mocenigo
Six Swedish artists
Thursday, 11 May 2017 | 11 am
Vernissage: Thursday, 11 May 2017 | 6 pm
Curated by Inger Wästberg
Exhibition: 13 May – 1 October 2017
Santa Croce 1992, 30135 Venezia

“Creazione dalle tonalità verdi”, Hanna Hedman
Six Swedish artists
The goldsmith’s art and the 1990s, reinterpreted through the creations of six Swedish artists who have each explored their own exclusive paths, forms the subject of this exhibition at the White Room on the ground floor of Palazzo Mocenigo.
As part of the MUVE Contemporaneo project, this new space, dedicated to temporary exhibitions and consistent in all respects with the identity of Palazzo Mocenigo as a textile and costume museum, will show artists’ work from the permanent collection at the National Museum of Sweden.
The pieces are not conventional jewellery: subliminal messages, references and symbolism are contained in these aesthetically beautiful and fascinating ornaments. The use of non-precious materials, such as aluminium powder, horsehair and fish skin, redefines the values ​​traditionally associated with the goldsmith’s art.
The decision to work with simple materials subverts perceptions we usually hold regarding jewellery.
Museo di Palazzo Mocenigo
The Strop Collection
28 April – 1 October 2017
Curated by Gergana von Heyking
Santa Croce 1992, 30135 Venezia
The perfume bottle has always been and still is an extraordinary opportunity for virtuoso achievements, where flair of execution is combined with the choice of precious materials, such as gold and silver, and the application of sophisticated techniques, among them enamelling and engraving, to create a prodigious aesthetic and chromatic balance that emulates the perfection of nature, which may itself provide special materials, such as marine shells, plants and exotic barks.
The exhibition of the extraordinary glass collection of the Storp family, who in 1911 founded Drom Fragrances in Munich, further explores a theme already present in the permanent exhibition at the Museo di Palazzo Mocenigo. The result is an extensive journey into the magical world of perfume bottles, where practicality often gives way to elegance. This is especially true of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, when the desire to impress was paramount. The bottles in the collection on display translate perfection and beauty into miniature form; they testify to a world that knew how to imbue even functional objects with a theatricality intended to enhance personal elegance.
Curated by Gergana von Heyking
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From Lido di Venezia: Line 1 San Stae stop


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