7 trans-phonies

TWS Shibuya TOKYO, Japan
Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya
7 trans-phonies
Opening: Saturday 22.04.2017 | 15 -17 pm
Group show Participants|Andreas Greiner, Mirna Bamieh,
Ligyung, Raul Walch, Erik Schmidt, Hou I-Ting
22.04.- 09.07.2017
Shibuya Workers’ Welfare Hall 1F
1-19-8 Jinnan Shibuya-ku Tokyo


In 2006, Tokyo Wonder Site (TWS) launched the “Creator-in-Residence” program, which offers residence/production opportunities to creators from around the world. People of various nationalities and creative fields, such as art, film, music and architecture, reside and carry out their work in Tokyo and residency sites overseas.

The exhibition “7 trans-phonies” presents works by 7 creators who stayed at the TWS Residency from 2015 to 2016. The borderless city of Tokyo produces diverse harmonies and dissonances through the gathering and overlapping of individual voices. And what we hear as single sounds actually contain multiple sine waves. Creators who come to Tokyo from overseas hear the voices of foreign cultures, of their neighbors in this foreign country, of the artists they meet in Tokyo, and combine them with their own voices to create a new kind of voice/sound “trans-phony” which transcends cultural differences. Come and experience the 7 trans-phonies produced by these 7 creators.

Andreas Greiner
International Creator Residency Program|2016

Born in 1979 in Germany. Based in Berlin. Graduated from the Institut für Raumexperiment, Olafur Eliasson class at Berlin University of the Arts in 2013. Participated in “Roppongi Art Night 2016.”
Greiner incorporates actual living things into his works. He examines these beings’ transitoriness and transitions, and the connections and relationships between people and other creatures. In cooperation with scientists and engineers as well as musicians, he presents works of sculpture, photography and performance. During his residence he carried out investigative research on light-emitting creatures.

Mirna Bamieh
International Creator Residency Program|2016

Born in Palestine in 1983. Based in Ramallah (Palestine). Graduated from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in 2013. Took part in the Home Works Program 2013/2014 at Ashkal Alwan.
In her work, Bamieh is always looking at issues of land and region as well as identity. Contemporary society is filled with images and video recordings that show areas of conflict, and by processing these images, she brings to the fore the suffering and trauma etched on the human body.

International Creator Residency Program|2016

Born in Korea in 1969. Based in Seoul. Graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design, London Institute (M. Phil Research), London in 1998. In 2014, she held the solo exhibition “Countertransference by Ligyung” at Ginza Maison Hermes.
While continuously questioning the incompleteness of the idea that “seeing is believing,” Ligyung has presented works utilizing light, sound, and other elements such as intricately woven lenticular imagery.

Raul Walch
International Creator Residency Program|2015

Born in Germany in 1980. Based in Berlin. Graduated from the Institut für Raumexperiment, Olafur Eliasson class at Berlin University of the Arts in 2012.
Walch investigates, from a sociological perspective, human rights and labor issues and political problems occurring in various parts of the world, and presents site-specific works through the media of sculpture, conceptual art, performance and more.

Shirin Sabahi
Exchange Residency Program <Berlin>|2016

Born in Iran in 1984. Sabahi grew up watching Japanese anime in Iran during the 1980s Iran-Iraq war, and she is interested in the dual nature of Japan’s “kawaii” culture and the abstraction of form. She investigates the possibility of assigning meaning to simplified and abstracted forms, and produces photographic and video works as well as textile works.

Erik Schmidt
Exchange Residency Program <Berlin>|2015

Born in Germany in 1968. Based in Berlin. Graduated from Berlin University of the Arts in 2000.
Schmidt produces paintings which deal with customs and culture that have been handed down, as well as social issues, in different areas of the world. His subjects include the hunting enjoyed by German aristocrats, the Occupy movement in downtown New York, and rural laborers in Israel. He also presents video works (in which he appears) showing performances that deal with these themes.

Hou I-Ting
Exchange Residency Program <Taipei>|2015

Born in Taiwan in 1979. Based in Taipei. Graduated from Tainan National University of the Arts in 2008.
Hou I-Ting examines the ways in which machines and digital technology alter human behavior, and creates works which focus on labor and physicality in rapidly changing modern and contemporary societies.




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