(V)alter ego

Andrea Tardini Gallery
(V)alter ego
curated by Elisa Fantin
Giudecca, Friday 7 April 2017 | 6pm
San Samuele, Saturday 8 April 2017 | 6pm
9 April – 6 June 2017
Venice, Giudecca 282  |  Salizada San Samuele 3157
In the box 1, 2015, silicone, fiberglass, wood, fishing line, oil colours

Valter Adam Casotto’s hyperrealism in the Giudecca gallery and in the new San Samuele exhibition space. Exclusively at Andrea Tardini Gallery, the works of an emerging artist, winner of the 2016 David di Donatello as “Best Makeup Artist” for “Tale of Tales” directed by Matteo Garrone 

Andrea Tardini Gallery has two reasons to celebrate in April: it will inaugurate the exhibit(V)alter ego, the first solo show by Valter Adam Casotto on Friday 7 April at 6 PM on Giudecca. Then, on Saturday 8 April at 6 PM, the grand opening of the exhibition space on Salizada San Samuele, a veritable “art district” in Venice, that already offers to the public many fine art galleries, design and handicraft shops.



Valter Adam Casotto in his studio, ph. Daniele Rovesi


(V)alter ego represents the artistic debut of Valter Adam Casotto, who developed his technique as a famous film prosthetic makeup artist. During this unusual experience lasting more than ten years, he closely studied and learned human anatomy and skin tissue. He can now reproduce it so faithfully that it is hyperrealistic.

Valter Casotto’s artistic research focusses on current topics like the transformation of the identity, both individual and of humanity at large. Valter examines the complexity of the concept of time,  in relation with the non-infinite nature of the human body, which emerges in his considerations as a mortal shell, a boundary. The artist’s work aims tocreate a paradox that seeks to exceed the ordinary sense of time as perceived by society.




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