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Palazzo Venier dei Leoni

The Peggy Guggenheim Collection’s exhibition program in 2017:
from Surrealist paintings by Rita Kernn-Larsen to the abstract language of Mark Tobey, to seaside imagery by Picasso and the mystical Symbolism of the Salon de la Rose+Croix.

Dorsoduro 701 I-30123 Venedig
Palazzo Venier dei Leoni
Tancredi Parmeggiani
My Weapon Against the Atom Bomb is a Blade of Grass.
Tancredi. A Retrospective
12 November 2016 – 13 March 2017
12 novembre 2016 – 13 marzo 2017
Curated by Luca Massimo Barbero
Dorsoduro 701 I-30123 Venedig

The Surrealist period was splendid… it truly was the best time for me as an artist.
Rita Kernn-Larsen

Palazzo Venier dei Leoni
Rita Kernn-Larsen.
Surrealist Paintings /Dipinti surrealisti
Press Preview:
Friday, 24. February 2017 | 12 noon
Curated by Gražina Subelytė
25. February – 26. June 2017
25 febbraio – 26 giugno 2017
Project Rooms
Dorsoduro 701 I-30123 Venedig


Rita Kernn-Larsen Self-Portrait (Know Thyself),1937
Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice. @Rita Kernn-Larsen, by SIAE 2017

Rita Kernn-Larsen. Surrealist Paintings
25 February–26 June 2017

This focused exhibition brings together exquisite Surrealist paintings by the Danish artist Rita Kernn-Larsen, to this day too little known outside Denmark. This will be the first important presentation of Kernn-Larsen’s Surrealist period outside of her native Scandinavia since her one-woman exhibition organized by Peggy Guggenheim in her London gallery Guggenheim Jeune. 1938

Rita Kernn-Larsen. Surrealist Paintings will be accompanied by an illustrated catalogue, in English and Italian, with essays by Gražina Subelytė and the Danish art historian Johan Zimsen.

Click to access 328pdf2_PR_Kernn_Larsen.pdf


Palazzo Venier dei Leoni
Kids Creative Lab
30. March – 17. April 2017
with Lucy + Jorge Orta
Dorsoduro 701 I-30123 Venedig

From March 30 to April 17 the work of creative children will fill the exhibition galleries: the climax of the fifth edition of Kids Creative Lab will be the presentation of the projects of primary schools who have participated in this highly successful educational program which is jointly promoted by OVS and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, and which has seen the participation of millions of schoolchildren from all over Italy. The themes of Kids Creative Lab in 2016-17 are sustainability, ecology, and respect for the environment. Kids Creative Lab is working with Lucy + Jorge Orta, internationally known artists who, together with the Education Department of the museum, have designed and organized the creative workshop “SostenART,” which will form part of the museum’s Kids Creative Lab presentation.

Palazzo Venier dei Leoni
Mark Tobey: Threading Light
curated by Debra Bricker Balken.
6. May – 10. September 2017
Organized by the Addison Gallery of American Art
at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts
Dorsoduro 701 I-30123 Venedig

Doppio Senso è il percorso di avvio all’accessibilità museale rivolto a un pubblico di
From May 6 until September 10, the museum features Mark Tobey: Threading Light, curated by Debra Bricker Balken. Organized by the Addison Gallery of American Art at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, this is the largest retrospective of American painter Mark Tobey (1890-1976) in over forty years, with more than sixty works on view. The show reveals the development of this very singular and original abstract painter, whose work was strongly influenced by East Asian art. It includes two paintings from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation’s collections: Trembling Space (1961, the Hannelore B. and Rudolph B. Schulhof Collection) and Advance of History (1964, Peggy Guggenheim Collection).

Collezione Peggy Guggenheim

Doppio Senso: percorsi tattili 
28-29 gennaio 2017

Late summer the Project Rooms will host Picasso on the Beach, an exhibition conceived by Luca Massimo Barbero. Based on a collaboration with the Musée Picasso in Paris, this gathers a selection of drawings and paintings of figures on the seashore, which Picasso painted or drew, between February and December 1937.

Mystical Symbolism:

The Salon de la Rose+Croix in Paris, 1892-1897,

28. October 2017 – 7. January  2018

curated by Vivien Greene.

From October 28 to January 7, 2018, the museum celebrates Symbolism and its protagonists with Mystical Symbolism: The Salon de la Rose+Croix in Paris, 1892-1897, curated by Vivien Greene. This will be the first-ever museum exhibition focused on the Salon de la Rose+Croix, the invention of the eccentric critic and writer Josephine Péladan (1859-1918), founder of a Rosicrucian order. The salons brought together artists of the Symbolist movement, including Antoine Bourdelle, Jean Delville, Henri Martin, Armand Point, Georges Rouault, Carlos Schwabe, Alexander Séon, Jan Toorop, Ville Vallgren, and Félix Vallotton. The exhibition is structured according to themes, such as the role of Orpheus, reverence for the Quattrocento Italian masters, and the dualism of the femme fragile and the femme fatale, underscoring the different, and sometimes contradictory concepts that characterized Symbolism in the 1890s.

This year rich in exhibitions is also the 25th birthday of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection’s association of the Guggenheim Intrapresæ. Founded in 1992 as a corporate membership, the group has in all these years sustained its enthusiastic involvement in all the activities of the Collection, from temporary exhibitions to special projects and the expansion of the museum’s premises.

In conclusion, with more than 217,000 followers, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection is among the most “social” museums in Italy, growing by 80% since last year: with more than 120,000 Facebook fans, 12,000 Twitter followers, and 85,000 Instagram followers, the Collection tells its story on social media and interacts with its “friends.” With these numbers, we hope our digital community will continue to follow us and to grow in number, and we of course await their visits to Palazzo Venier dei Leoni to share the art and beauty with which Peggy Guggenheim surrounded herself.


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