Galerie Ernst Hilger
Yigal Ozeri – The Cameleon
Eröffnung / Opening: 02. Feb 2017 | 19 Uhr/pm
Ausstellung/ Exhibition: 02.02.- 11.03.2017
Dorotheergasse 5, 1010 Wien
Untitled Cristal 30 x 40 inches oil on canvas2016kl.jpg
My new show opening in February at Galerie Ernst Hilger called The Chameleon is based on a multifaceted concept. I myself take on the role of the chameleon. This is a fitting
characterization for me as I’m constantly shifting roles. The chameleon also pertains to the subject matter that is repeatedly changing. There are a number of models in this exhibition taken from a variety of series I’ve done over the last few years. dating back to 2012 to my most recent body of work.
One of the models in this show Cristal, a dark skinned beauty, juxtaposes Zuzanna, a fair
skinned blonde. Cristal has a heroic and raw presence. She stands in front of the camera like a predacious lion, and in back of her, lies Bear Mountain. The dichotomy of Zuzanna’s agreeable transparency and Cristal’s radical aura creates an unpredicted equilibrium. Cristal conquers nature while Zuzanna conforms and surrenders to nature.
In the Untitled; Zuzanna (36×54 inches) she’s emerged in branches, behind her, the Central Park boat house and lake. The light is blinding. I painted her against the light, a new element that has formed in my paintings. The light changes in the reflection of the water giving the illusion of movement. Zuzanna evokes the majestic feeling of sturdiness. In Untitled; Zuzanna (20×30 inches) her head is tilted back in a rather awkward stance. Typically I paint my subjects head on, in direct compositions. They tend to look at the viewer directly. This piece in particular is a profile view creating an unaccustomed reaction. There are 2 works that open a new chapter for me. In these new works, the subject (Zuzanna) is abstracted and the background is the focal point. The model disappears and the landscape becomes sharp. In my work the subject is
always the point of convergence so this work was a pioneering moment for me. Adding a
different sensibility to my work. In this show there are 10 watercolor pieces that will be showcased along with the oil paintings. Watercolor pieces give a sense of viridity. They are refreshing and honest.The drawings look so effortless, almost like I blew them on the paper. This technique is another example of my versatility.


Yigal Ozeri – The Chameleon Trailer

Tagline: “The unorthodox Chameleon and His Rags to Riches Story”
Synopsis: Yigal Ozeri “The Chameleon” – A documentary on the Israeli Artist, one of the biggest art personalities in Photorealism today, spent over half a century experimenting with a remarkable range of techniques, ideas and genres. Constantly changing and reinventing his art to the point of perfection, “The Chameleon” offers a thrilling insight into Yigal’s creative process, passion for life, and rocky road to success. Featuring rare archival footage from his humble beginnings and exclusive interviews from those closest to the artist. This documentary offers a glimpse into the man behind the brush. His “bigger than life” persona fully displayed on screen depicts a magnetic, powerful, and uncompromising artist whose life’s work inspires others, while exposing his ongoing obsession with romanticism and beauty.

von Vincent Zambrano


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