Isaac Chong Wai
“Help! Help? Help.”,2016
Isaac Chong Wai
Photo: Viktoria Nowicky
What does that mean to help and to be helped? Who should help and who should be helped? In this performance, performers are asked to lie on the ground and raise their hand waiting for people to pull them up. The gesture of reaching for “help” is constructed while the choreography questions the audience if they should “help” or not to “help”. The word “help” is then questioned under the policy formed by the performance and ideology in which people tend to “help” to become the “helper” without knowing what they are “helping.”
Performers: Dilan Barkin, Naomi Bechert, Stefanie Beyer,Adam Bratko, Sun Chen, Isaac Chong Wai, Charlotte Draycott, Julia Falero Morente, Janna Gockel, Felix Haas, Anne Hoelck, Samuel Jung, Ophélie Le Hiress, Rositsa Mahdi, India Roper-Evans, Han Tang, Heiko-Thandeka Ncube, Nikita Volkov, T.I.T.S (Roselyn Yap), Ada Kai-Ting Yang, Xiaopeng Zhou
Performance at Meinblau at Faith and Terror – Performance Art Festival curated by Bernhard Draz, Anne Hoelck and Tristan Duschamps
Max Sudhues – Intervention


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