David Bloch Gallery


David Bloch Gallery
25. November 2016
Exhibition: 25.11. – 19.12.2016
8 bis rue des Vieux Marrakchis
40000 Marrakech MAROC
David Bloch Gallery is pleased to open its doors to a new group show
starting November 25th to December 19th, 2016
gathering twenty-nine pieces from fifteen artists.
This group exhibition will be the opportunity to expose and present
the two new artists who have joined the gallery at the beginning
of November: Rubin 415 and Ghizlane Sahli.
RUBIN 415 Faded Heart, 2016
Acrylique et aérosol sur toile 123 x 84 cm
Rubin 415, a young artist from Finland living in New York, drew his inspiration from the city he grew up in and from tramway tunnels on which he learnt to tag with contrasts. His style is characterized by an abstract and complex geometry inspired by tradition and attenuated by his colors palette. It is a perfect balance between the turbulent city skyline and the Nordic nature serenity. Due to his talent and work, Rubin has created a unique aesthetic, with a mix between acrylic and spray paint, to push up his art beyond borders.
We can see his work on many walls in New York, Churches in Brooklyn and Shops in SoHo. His works on canvas can also be seen in galleries across the United States, in Europe and Asia.
RUBIN 415 Cities in Dust, 2016
Acrylique et aérosol sur toile 123 x 84 cm

Ghizlane Sahli, Moroccan artist, explores material transformation,
exults it and gives meaning to it. In this artistic process, she studies the
transition between two conditions, the tiny interval between the before and
the after, the bridge which connect material to mind, order to chaos,
accumulation to dispersion.
Ghizlane Sahli  Genesis 007, 2016
Plastique et fils de soie sur bois  150 x 123 cm
Passionate with embroideries, fabrics and the traditional craft methods to
produce it, she develops the “alveolus”: three-dimensional embroideries
made with plastic bottles bottoms covered by silk yarns. She imagines
poetic and dreamlike worlds where she can experiment and create links
between her three passions: spaces & volumes related to her training as an
architect, silk yarn related to her immersion in the embroidery production,
and, environment related to her questioning about sustainable
development and the planet future.
Ghizlane Sahli  Genesis 005, 2016
Plastique et fils de soie sur bois  120 x 85 cm
La galerie David Bloch a le plaisir d’accueillir dans son espace Rue des
Vieux Marrakchis une nouvelle exposition collective –
du 25 novembre au 19 décembre 2016 – réunissant vingt-
neuf pièces de quinze de ses artistes résidents.
Ce group show sera l’occasion d’exposer et de présenter au public
deux nouveaux et talentueux artistes qui ont rejoint la galerie au
début du mois de novembre : Rubin 415 et Ghizlane Sahli.


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