5 years hinterland
3. Dezember 2016 | 11 Uhr
Saturday, 3. December  2016
Krongasse 20, 1050 Wien
Tuesday 6 December 2016, 6pm
6. Dezember 2016 | 18 Uhr
Krongasse 20, 1050 Wien

Tuesday 6 December 2016, 6pm

Hinterland is pleased to invite you to a screening of the Simorgh’s “Being Iranian” project. The Simorgh is a non-governmental organisation based in Vienna (, In 2016 The Simorgh held a worldwide photography competition which asked Iranians and non-Iranians “what it means to be Iranian”.  Some 230 participants from all over the world participated sharing around 700 photos. The photos shows how Iranian society and its diaspora are changing, what values exist within and outside Iran, the balance between modernity and traditions, gender and generational issues, how non-Iranians perceive Iranians and how photography can capture the spirit of a people and culture.

A photography book has also been published showing the top 50 photos

as selected by our jury.

Please join us for an exploration of culture and identity in Iran.

The Simorgh is a private, apolitical, non-governmental and non-partisan international organisation based in Vienna. Our aim is to encourage cultural and social exchange between countries and peoples, specifically starting with an exchange of thoughts and ideas between Iran and the European Union in order to develop, enhance and improve human development and communication.

The Simorgh Foundation is founded by a group of Iranians based both inside and outside Iran.

The Simorgh Philosophy

Simorgh (meaning literally thirty birds) is a story from the Persian poet

Farid u-din Attar, from his book Conference of the Birds.

The story recounts the longing of a group of birds who search for a leader. They decide the legendary “Simorgh” should be their king and they go on a journey to find him. They journey over seven valleys each representing one stage of attainment to wholeness.

One by one the birds drop out unable to fulfill the challenging journey. Eventually only thirty birds reach the land of Simorgh but instead of finding their spiritual leader, all they see is their own reflection in a lake. As the birds realize the truth, they see they are not separate from the universe, they are one with it.


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