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ART.ES Project is a special project by an international artist, created exclusively for the magazine in every issue. This project takes the cover and 13 pages, beside 9 pages are dedicated to my work. This is part of ART.ES creative direction and makes each issue a collectors treasure.

After Marina Abramovic, Kader Attia, Jan Fabre, Bernar Venet, Erró, Barthélémy Toguo, Arne Quinze, Jaume Plensa, Gary Hill,…

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The international Art magazine ART.ES
November 2016 issue.
a project / installation by
Yves Hayat “La Confusion des Sentiments”




Yves Hayat

Geboren in Ägypten, entdeckt Yves Hayat 1956 seine neue Heimat in Frankreich. Von 1966 bis 1971 studiert er an der „National School of Arts“ in Nice-French Riviera. 1973 entscheidet er sich, in die Werbung zu gehen. Die Arbeit mit neuen Technologien prägt auch sein späteres künstlerisches Wirken. Im Jahre 1990 wendet sich Hayat wieder der bildenden Kunst zu und profitiert von seinen Wissen und den Fotografien aus der Zeit als Werbedesigner. Heute lebt und arbeitet er zwischen seinem einstigen Studienort Nice-French Riviera und Paris.



“I admit that I’m more interest in manipulating reality than in recording it. My artwork between photography, installation and “Figuration narrative” proposes visions where theatricalization is a part of the project. I am a total visual consumer: I film, download, scan, retouch…. as the director of a new reality. Using superimpositions, shifts, misappropriations, I confront past and present, beauty and horror, indifference and fanaticism. Through a questioning about the art/ politic/ media relations, I try to conceive a critical art work where the attraction for the culture of media, cinema and advertising shows through. Using modern techniques, my work propose a report of what our history and our society have thought, generated, transformed, destroyed… while always keeping in mind that when the work of Art creates unrest, it evacuates the common place”.

Yves Hayat




















YVES HAYAT,”Esther 50″ 2008  Esther Private collection


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