Conditions of Political

CCA Center for Contemporary Art| n.b.k
Conditions of Political Choreography
Contributions by
Yochai Avrahami, Yael Bartana, Noam Enbar / Yonatan Levy,
Christian Falsnaes, Ohad Fishof / Noa Zuk, Michal Helfman,
Adam Linder, Antje Majewski, Markus Miessen, Ohad Meromi,
Susanne M. Winterling et al.
Curated by
Marius Babias (Director, n.b.k.), Sergio Edelsztein (Director, CCA),
Sophie Goltz (Curator, n.b.k.), Chen Tamir (Curator, CCA)
Exhibition: 17 November 2016 – 7 January 2017
2 Tsadok Hacohen St. (Corner of Kalisher St.)
Tel Aviv 65257




Christian Falsnaes – The Lead
FRIDAY, 18.11.2016  | 10 – 14 h
Christian Falsnaes – The Lead
SATURDAY, 19.11.2016  | 10 – 14 h
Artist Talk
Christian Falsnaes and Chen Tamir
SATURDAY, 19.11.2016 | 13
Noa Zuk and Ohad Fishof – The Burnt Room
SATURDAY, 19.11.2016 | 19- 21 h
Noa Zuk and Ohad Fishof – The Burnt Room
WEDNESDAY, 23.11.2016  | 19-21 h
Yochai Avrahami – Agriculture
THURSDAY, 24.11.2016  | 19-21 h
Pride and Scruples:
A Closed-Circuit Guided Exhibit Tour
The Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.) and the Center for Contemporary Art (CCA) present a project in two parts titled “The Conditions of Political Choreography.” The first iteration takes place at the CCA in the fall of 2016 for which Berlin-based architect Markus Miessen has transformed the galleries and the second iteration will take place at the n.b.k. in Berlin in summer 2017 in a space created by New York based artist Ohad Meromi.
Christian Falsnaes
Born in Copenhagen / lives and works in Berlin
2001 – 2003 Philosophy studies, University of Copenhagen
2005 – 2011 Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
Yochai Avrahami, Sketch for Agriculture, Pride, and Scruples, 2016
Courtesy of the artist
Yochai Avrahami
Born 1970, Afula, Israel
Lives in Tel Aviv
Director of the Oranim College Art Institute
Teaching in Bezalel Academy, Dept. of Fine Arts
This project pushes both formal and political boundaries through experimental works by internationally renowned artists, performers, theatre-makers, and dancers, who have been invited to respond to each institution and its social-political context. Departing from the bi-national approach normally associated with German-Israeli relationships, this project aims to move beyond the familiar discourse of victim/victimizer stemming from the Holocaust that underlines all German-Israeli exchange. While the Holocaust is certainly one starting point, the exhibition seeks to form a sense of history in the face of Europe-fatigue and increasing racism in democratic societies. Informed by global migration, the project embraces multiple perspectives, and looks to generate transnational memory in line with the 21st century.


Susanne M Winterling, Sketch for The Bladder of Gaia, 2016
Courtesy of the artist
Susanne M. Winterling
Born 1970, Rehau/Oberfranken, DE
Lives and works in Berlin and Oslo
Meisterschülerin, 2005
Fien Art Academy, Hamburg and Braunschweig
Akademie Isotrop
MA, Philosophy and Art History, 1995
The works in “Conditions of Political Choreography” raise questions about the limits of belonging, artistic disciplines, and imposed structures. In parallel to rethinking context, the project challenges artists to use this framework to push against the constraints of architecture and the performative platform and in the process ask questions such as: What is the difference between being hosted (in a space, in a country) and being contained? When does the freedom to collaborate become an obligation to do so? What are the responsibilities that come with power?
Yael Bartana, Sketch for Tashlikh (Cast off), 2016
Courtesy of the artist, Sommer Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam, and Petzel Gallery, New York.
Yael Bartana
1970 born in Kfar Yehezkel, Israel
currently lives and works in Amsterdam, Tel-Aviv and Berlin
Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam, NL
MFA studies, School of Visual Arts, New York, US
BFA, The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, IL
Michal Helfman, Sketch for Forgive My Bad Memories, 2016
Courtesy of the artist and Sommer Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv
Michal Helfman
Born 1973, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Lives and Works in Tel-Aviv
Teacher of the BFA and MFA program of Bezalel Academy
of Art and Design
1994-98 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem
1996 School of Visual Arts, NY – Students Exchange Program
NoAm ENbar
Yonatan Levy
Ohad Fishof
is an artist and musician working
sound, dance, video,performance and installation.
Adam Linder
Adam Linder (1983, Sydney) ist Choreograf und Tänzer
lebt in Los Angeles und Berlin.
Er entwickelt Theaterarbeiten und Choreographic Services.
Antje Majewski
* Marl/Westphalia, Germany, 1968
Lives and works in Berlin
1987-95 Studies Art History, Philosophy and History in Cologne,
Berlin, DE and Florence, IT 1998 Lingener Kunstpreis, DE
2000-01 Residency of the Berlin Senat for Delfina Studios, London, GB
2010 Randolph Cliff Residency, Edinburgh, GB
Markus Miessen (*1978)
2005–2015 Centre for Research Architecture at Goldsmiths, London, (PhD) supervised by Eyal Weizman and Keller Easterling
2004–2005 London Consortium (MRes)
2002–2004 Architectural Association in London with Honours (AADiplHons)
1998–2001 Glasgow School of Art (Barch)
a set of 11 modular beds for day-dreaming, commissioned by MOBY for “The Kids Want Communism”
Ohad Meromi
born in 1967 in Kibbutz Mizra, Israel,
lives and works in New York.
Graduated Bezalel Academy of Art
MFA from Columbia University School of the Arts.


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