Month of Photography in Bratislava

Monat der Fotografie 2016
Galerie Medium
ANITA WITEK (AT) — reset
Opening reception:
November 4, 2016 | 5 p.m.
Curator Franz Thalmair
Duration: 5. November –30. November 2016
Open: Tuesday, Thursday 12 – 19
Wednesday, Friday – Sunday 10 – 17
Hviezdoslavovo nám. 18, 814 37 Bratislava


The fundamental tension between reality and representation, physical object and depiction, original and reproduction is the crux of contemporary image production, as it is pulled between disposable popular culture and the reflective nature of artistic production. These issues are the starting point of Anita Witek’s work. The artist makes use of the portable frames of social networks, advertising or the entertainment industry to create pictorial objects. Working in photography enables her to create single fragments, as well as installations intervening in space, and referring to the unlimited space of commercial imagery. In this way, Witek interferes with the familiar context of mass media culture. Her artwork is not concerned with showing, depicting and reproducing content, but removing and fragmenting it to create new contexts. Witek takes material for her works from the endless loop of the contemporary image archive, which she then returns to the image flow as new material.
Anita Witek works with two different imaging methods. In the first, she starts with outdated photographs and cuts out the dominant subject, leaving spatial images that she uses to create montages that lean on the constructivist play of shapes, left by the emptied image. Her second technique is to transpose these montages into three-dimensional space; in this way a new spatial picture is generated—not only in a precisely defined framework, but also in a physically tangible one that can literally be entered by the viewer. Particular photographic layers of the picture space hardly offer gaps but, by contrast, they form a natural part of the installation. They literally offer the viewers the possibility of perceiving Witek’s montages from different perspectives as they move around the space of the work. The atmosphere in the exhibition space created by the artist opens a space of wishes and projections, just like the original material from which the work arises.
Bildschirmfoto 2016-10-30 um 21.49.52.jpg
2000 MA Photography, Royal College of Art, London
1997 Diplom für Malerei, Universität für Angewandte Kunst, Wien
Sponzor / Sponsor:
Bundeskanzleramt: Österreich Kunst und Kultur
Spoluorganizátori / Coorganizers
Vysoká škola výtvarných umení, Rakúske kultúrne fórum
Galéria UMELKA,
Galerie der Slowakischen Union
4. novembra 2016 o 10.00 hod.
Kuratorin Katarina Bajcurová
Präsentation des Buches Rudolf Sikora /
Produkteinführung von Rudolf Sikora Buch:
23. 11. 2016 / 18 Uhr
Führung mit Kurator und Autor /
Führung mit dem Kurator und Autor
25. 11. 2016 / 17.00
Výstava potrvá do 27. novembra 2016
Dostojevského rad 2, 811 09 Bratislava
Bildschirmfoto 2016-10-30 um 21.34.41.jpg
Mitveranstalter / Mitveranstalter
Slowakischen Union der bildenden Kunst


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