WAS Biennale

WAS Biennale: @ Studio Cristina Fiorenza
Lena Lapschina – Before You Start
Opening: Eröffnung:
Saturday, 1. October 2016 | 6-9 PM
Samstag, 1. Oktober 2016 | 18 Uhr
This project is a part of the WAS Biennale.
Lena Lapschina – Mural Cristina Fiorenza
Anna Khodorkovskaya Anna Buyvid
01.10. – 31.10.2016
“Before You Start” is Lena Lapschina’s attempt to equip the viewer
with a split second for reflection.
Fotocredits: Lena Lapschina 1st Worldwide Apartment and Studio Biennale
BE MY GUEST. AUTUMN 2016 Programme 2016
1 October2016
Lives And Works In This House
One-day event 2 October
How to become a good and even holy person,
or Antennas and semicircles 2, 7, 9 Oct. 2016
The project aims to explore the intersections of native residents and artists
living in the same district in Moscow. The geographic database in the form
of an interactive map shows a number of pinned places where artists live and/or work found by the group of volunteers. Several attached videos document the process
based on walking tours with studio visits. The important part of the project is
the potentiality of the permanent update of the map placed for an open access
and the further development of this initiative in other parts of Moscow.
Participants: All found artists on the map
Curator: Roman Minaev




Studia “goldtv”. Russia, St.-Petersburg
Duration: 1 oct. 2016 – 30 Oct. 2016
Admiraltiysky region, ul. Vereyskaya 3, kv.30
Opening hours: by appointment +7 905 224 56 94

Contemporary Art is a microparticle, which no one can find,

but every sundry can predict:
I woke up, brewed coffee; poured bamboo named Kotja and turned on the computer.
And I realised, or to say better felt, “Line”, “Color” and “light.”
Now I am in this line (A), the colour (R), illuminated by this Light (T).
And all this were Other.
Yesterday, at the same astronomical time, I did the same thing, but
A, R and T were different.
I do not know what will happen tomorrow, but it was the same day before yesterday.
It is unlikely that I will be able to explain what happened. But I can paint it

down on paper, canvas or cardboard:
And this line A, this colour R, illuminated this light, T.
This feeling I have called the “NowI”.

Artist: kostя goldtv

About 1st WASB
Application Team Though there are more than 150 art biennials in the world
we need another one. Currently, an increasing number of art professionals
are looking beyond the frameworks of classical institutional approach.
Worldwide Apartment and Studio Biennale is a new formation, whose mission is
to create an opportunity of innovative union and mobilise self-organizing in the
arts on a global scale. Artist’s studios and apartment galleries as alternative exhibition spaces have rarely been included in popular art history. It is time to change it.
If you want to be a part of this global collaboration, join us!
During the 1st WASBiennale, a number of exhibitions and various art events
will take place in artist studios, apartment galleries and even private spaces
all over the world over the world at the same time.
1st WASBiennale takes place in October – November 2016.
Exhibitions and other art events with the topic
“BE MY GUEST” happen in more than 30 locations
all over the world.
Find the full Programme 2016 here: Programme 2016
For any questions, cooperation offers or suggestions,
please send a message: wasbiennale@gmail.com
The Worldwide Apartment and Studio Biennale, rather a new approach
for alternative exhibitions and independent initiatives. In Autumn 2016 the
first edition of WASBiennale will include more than 50 contemporary art
projects in more than 30 locations around the globe including most European
countries, Russia, South Korea and the USA.
Currently, an increasing number of art professionals are looking beyond the
frameworks of classical institutional frameworks. Worldwide Apartment and
Studio Biennale is a new formation, whose mission is to create an opportunity of innovative union and mobilise self- organizing in the arts on a global scale.
During the 1st WASBiennale in autumn 2016, a number of exhibitions and
various art events will take place in artist studios, apartment galleries and even
private spaces all over the world at the same time. The programme is showing
artistic and curatorial practice with different backgrounds, but what unites
all those projects is the search for distinct forms of representation.
1st WASBiennale will not just disclose undercurrents of contemporary art
history to a general public, but foremost to create an opportunity to build
parallels with the most recent developments in contemporary art, where again
artists and curators are compelled to find alternative ways. And it’s probably the
time to build up next level: a critique of an institutional critique. It doesn’t mean
we operate against institutions, but rather intend to establish a multilayered
experience in art practice.
The headline of the 1st WASBiennale: BE MY GUEST is bringing the idea
of transforming boundaries, showing a decreasing approach of white-cube-based
art space and inviting viewers to take a step into the intimate artist’s zone.
Letting anyone in the artist’s studio, as well as inviting someone in your private
space is a gesture of high confidence. Showing art in such format, involving the
audience in direct dialogue, helping to reduce a gap and provide a new scale
of artist / viewer communication.
The overall Biennale topic BE MY GUEST is beyond artistic representation,
based on the current socio-political situation in Europe and World. Regardless
individual artist statements, this issue are affecting almost everybody, by
being part of a global information field.
Worldwide Apartment and Studio Biennale is founded and developed
by: Anna Buyvid Independent curator and art critic.
born in USSR / Ukraine,
lived and worked in Moscow and St. Petersburg,
now based in Amsterdam, working on her PhD.
Anna graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of fine Arts and holds a
degree in history and theory of fine arts. In 2014 Anna has participated in the
Gallerist Programme of the de Appel Arts centre (Amsterdam). She is active as a researcher in the field of art history of the twentieth century and contemporary art.
Since 2012 Anna curates the alternative exhibition project — “Monthly Payment”.
This project started as exhibitions in artist’s studios; and also has participated in a
number of international art fairs (Artmoscow’13, ArtVilnius’14) and appeared as
a guest project on the 55th Venice Biennale.
Anna Khodorkovskaya
Artist, works with painting, graphics, performance as well as rethinking
the mediums and looking for new forms. Interdisciplinary and collaborations
also play an important role in many of her works. Anna organised, curated
and was involved in numerous self-organized art initiatives in different cities
and online. Some of these projects explore the aspect of alternative spaces, systems, communication in the art world, e.g.: ArtStreamShop – travelling art-selling
performance, Reality Raum Residenz – a reality show in a privately rented
room, cheese Art Award – alternative art award in Russia, and others.
Born in Moscow,
Anna graduated from the Moscow State university of Printing Arts.
Moved to Austria to study painting at the Academy of fine Arts in Vienna,
where she lives and works now.
In 2014 Anna received the STRABAG Artaward International.
Esther Attar-Machanek
ArtNetWorking. Collector. Curator. Press
If you want to announce your event in EstherArtNewsletter
please fill out the form.

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