Hinterland Galerie
Mittwoch, 7. September 2016 | 19 Uhr
Gespräch mit Aria Kasaei (in English)
Moderation: Sabine Kienzer
Idea & Design: Reza Abedini
Art Director: Aria Kasaei
Coordination: StudioKargah
Ausstellung: bis 8. Oktober 2016
Krongasse 20, A 1050 Wien
“REPAIRABLE” Vooria Aria.
Friday  9. September 2016 | 4 – 8pm
No5, Salmas Sq, Golha Sq, Fatemi Sq, Tehran, Iran


While having the AZAD GALLERY project at hinterland,
hinterland opens an exhibition at AZAD ART GALLERY – a  longlasting cooperation and friendship!

In his works Vooria Aria deals with his personal history and identity. In his native city Sanandaj / Iran traditional graves are usually arranged with black slate. Slate is a fine grained stone, composed of volcanic ash also found in the surrounding of Sanandaj. Slate is composed of various very thin layers, easy to be broken, easy to perish. He uses these characteristics to deal with migration and social issues in our society regarding identity. Hence he uses slate as the main source for his current art works: slate as object and also trace.

A project in cooperation with hinterland, Vienna / Austria

and Azad Art Gallery, Tehran / Iran.

Azad Art Gallery

Studio Kargah wurde 2008 als gemeinnützige Kooperation zwischen jungen Iranischen Grafik-Designern und der Azad Art Gallery in Teheran gegründet. Um die Ausstellungen zu bewerben wurden seither Poster als Einladungen und Flyer entworfen. In den letzten acht Jahren haben insgesamt 44 DesignerInnen an dem Projekt teilgenommen. Mehr als 300 Poster wurden entworfen, gedruckt und verteilt.
Die Initiative fand im Februar 2009 in Teheran ihren Anfang und reiste bereits im November 2012 nach Berlin, wo sie im Rahmen des „Right to Left“-Festivals im Bethanien Art Center stattfand. Nachdem die Ausstellung im November 2014 in Rom als Teil der „IRAN, Unedited History“ gezeigt wurde, war der nächste Gastgeber die Libanesische Amerikanische Universität in Beirut im April 2016.
Nun, als fünftes Ziel, ist die Ausstellung in der Hinterland Galerie angelangt. Studio Kargah freut sich sehr die Poster und die iranischen Designs in Wien präsentieren zu dürfen.

This project was initiated in a non-commercial collaboration between a group of young Iranian graphic designers and Azad Art Gallery in Tehran in 2008. Since then, posters were designed by this group to promote the bi-weekly exhibitions of Azad Art Gallery. For the past 8 years, 44 designers have participated in this project and more than 300 posters designed, printed and distributed.

The continuity of this project has eventually drawn the attention of many other galleries, private and public cultural organizations in Iran to the importance of visual identity and let them to star their cooperation with graphic designers in this field. This project has established an enormous impact on poster design in middle east and has found it’s place in contemporary art and design scene in recent years. The most important aspect of this project is that the poster is not restricted to present only an artwork or image of the artist. It depicts the designer’s visual interpretation of the theme or the concept of the artworks and it means that the poster design becomes a form of artistic expression.

This exhibition first took place in February 2009 in Tehran. In November 2012, the exhibition was held at Bethanien Art Centre in Berlin as part of the “Right-To-Left” event. The exhibition moved to Maxxi Foundation in Rome in November 2014 as part of the “IRAN, Unedited History” event. The next host of this project was the Lebanese American University in Beirut in April 2016.

Hinterland Galerie is the fifth location where this initiative is being exhibited and we are proud to share it with our friends and colleagues in Vienna.

The exhibition will be on through October 8, 2016

21. – 25. September 2016
Alte Post 1010 Wien

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