Spring and Sensuality

Spring and Sensuality

Donnerstag, 28. April 2016 | 12 – 21Uhr
Praterstrasse 11, 1020 Vienna, Austria




Back by popular demand

Arnold Haas and Petra Hauser welcome you to WUBET the unique store at Praterstrasse to celebrate and have a toast with excellent organic wine from Norbert Stock. (also available to buy and take away)

in search of root and earth
in search of blossom and fruit
in search of life of all the unseen
an experiment with wine,love and donkeys

The collection of the jewelry designer Petra Hauser aims to underline the female sensuality, and exudes a feeling of desire to travel to far ethnic places through style as a means to enrich one’s everyday fashion sense by standing out with elegant pride.

Neckdress is the name of new one of a kind pieces. The jewelry is held together by unique rich vintage bands that adopt, accent and flow with the silhouette of the person wearing it.

The “neckdress continues the beautifying that the necklace begins”



Beautifully handwoven Ethiopian cotton shawls, ponchos, shirts from the signature line.
Denim hats to create innovative great looks out of simple and noteworthy accessories.

Dr. Isabelle Krause

For our body the most valuable and best products are just about good enough. And what offers the best products is nature in its purest form. At all times man has used natural oils and essences for body care and curing illness. The scents of natural essential oils do not only provide sensual pleasures but also have stimulating and relaxing effects on the psyche. Natural oils and vegetable butter varieties are optimally absorbed by the skin and provide a silky-soft feel.
spirit of oil products are exclusively made of top-quality, and for the most part organic, vegetable ingredients. Based on many years of experience each formula is painstakingly composed and bottled by hand. Due to this working method it is possible to cater for special customer needs and create highly individual compositions.


WUBET | The store
Praterstraße 11
1020 Vienna, Austria
T +43 664 769 2102
Tue-Fri 12pm to 7pm
Sat 11am to 6pm

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