Press: Friday 1. April 2016 | 9 – 12am
Opening: Friday 1. April 2016 | 6 – 9pm
exhibition of its second
artistic contest
for art schools students,
1.April – 10. April 2016
Passage de Retz, Paris
9 rue Charlot, 75003 Paris
Closing: Saturday 9. April 2016 | 7 – 9pm



ARTAGŌN organises each year, with the support of the French Ministry
of Culture and Communication, of its patrons and partners,
an artistic contest for art schools students, a real world premiere. Chaired
this year by the gallerist Chantal Crousel, the jury is made of 25 players of the art and creation world. Divided into delegations they have visited 15 art schools in February and March, in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Monaco, and selected 3 students in each school. The exhibition gathers the art works of the 45 chosen artists. Du
ring the closing party, which will take place on Saturday 9th April, from 7pm, the ARTAGŌN cups will be awarded by the jury to a group of students from the same school, and to the artist who has presented ,according to them, the most promising work. « Be wild! », « immerse yourselves in the world you live in! », « tell us who you are! », « don’t be afraid! », « go crazy! »…Such were in essence the kindly advice of many jury members during the schools’ visits – the qualifications–, which gathered almost 250 art students. The viewers seemed to be less enlivened by striclty formal researchs and the construction of a web of references and more sensitive to freedom momentums, madness, risk – taking, to the assertion of an approach, considering that our century, inhibited in a
lethargic ado lescence, deserves to be seriously shaken- up. No forced quest toward innovation, but a true positioning: The artist is essential to our society, disturbing, questioning and enlightening, and, in these hard times, great hopes are placed in a relief still seen as wise and shy.
The jury’s choices were then oriented towards maturing practices, nonetheless carrying assumed reflections, potentials, or gr oundbreaking universes. Through a curating project centered on the composition of several high points, our will is to transpose a panorama of what has conquered the jury and has touched our own sensitivity during the schools’ visits. The goal is not to offer an objective and exclusive trend, but rather to point out a set of subjective clues, likely to lead to the coming years’ art.
The exhibition begins with incongruities, impossible spaces, of wait, fiction and sensorial discovery. They surround a room full of a sharp look on human present condition. Economy, work, geopolitics,globalisation, mass media, are the subjects and targets of a youth full of energy. Through the creation of an aesthetic of control or ruin, always filled with a certain elegance, they want to highlight– and sometimes denounce – our society whims. The orangery makes way to explosion, erasure, dismemberment of bodies – an enigmatic sensuality. This secular garden leads to a vast temple. The body rebuilds itself to enter into mediation: Hope of a miracle, martyrs, rituals, sanctified daily life, chance or pure abstraction. The artist is also the one who develops in an alternative temporality, able to patiently wait for an elsewhere sign, or to invoke it. This is no exception for this generation who creates or looks for singular spirituality forms, as to establish our world and its beliefs on a new base. Once on the mezzanine, the introspective replaces the universal with art works based on memory, love, their breaking – up, and the personal path of their creators. The Pastourelle aisle, at last, opens a door on the studio and on the
creative context by addressing some issues linked to the present and future art works’ production. What can be done faced with the emergence of artificial intelligence and techniques’ automation? Can a robot be one day a great artist? It might be a master in form and imitation, an encyclopedia of references, with a matchless dexterity, but will never be able to claim the one thing inherent to every artist, elderor young: Freed

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