Belle Shafir, Tel Aviv
Stefanie Busch, Dresden
Eröffnung 12.März 2016, 20 Uhr
Opening March 12, 2016 | 20 pm
It speaks Susanne Altmann, art historian (Dresden)
Exhibition: 12. März – 23. April 2016
Lützner Straße 36, Leipzig
Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-29 um 13.37.59.jpg

Artist Talk
13. März 2016 | 15 Uhr
Kathrin Krahl, Soziologin und Kuratorin
in Gespräch mit Belle Shafir und Stefanie Busch
Lützner Straße 36, Leipzig
Exhibition: 12. März – 23. April 2016
Lützner Straße 36, Leipzig
Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-29 um 13.39.20.jpg
The artists Belle Shafir and Stefanie Busch met in the summer of 2012 and
began to talk about art, memory, escape, violence and presence. The exhibition
Ende.Neu is a station of this communication.
“My work shows the braill’sche palpation of my life …”
Belle Shafir works on physical and powerful video performances, drawings,
Collages and objects, she approaches as its history as the daughter of a survivor of
Auschwitz extermination camp.
The exhibition shows drawings Ende.Neu it with out getting repetitive moments of their
Family memory: Retrospectacle, fed from family photos. goes through the repetitions
to Belle Shafir in the footsteps of Historic different generations, experiences, architectures
and landscapes of their lives. It also shows the parts of the work horsehair; from delicate horsehair crocheted objects. The Crochet of horsehair describes Belle Shafir as dialogues with her father, who after WW2 large stables in Amberg in Bavaria operation, where they also spent a lot of time, before they migrated as a 19 year old to Israel.
Stefanie Busch shows the series one after the other, diffuse black / white screen prints, which contrasts dissolve from one image to another, similar to a film sequence. This blank blurred structures Landscapes suggest that we associate with beauty and desire, but of these days Pain, fear, persecution and disenfranchisement are embossed as the Sinai, the Mediterranean or the Balkans. In addition to this series, it shows more screen prints as Dresden, January 17, 2015. There is a Snapshot of an anti-racist demonstration at the peak of Pegida Movement – a powerful outlook in times of fear among the fugitives.
Likewise, it provides a portrait of the artist-colleague Helga Weissová out, this is a witness of the crime in Auschwitz. Screen printing is the adult, the surviving Helga Weissová.
Another work shows two 86Addis fashionably dressed women in front futuristic seeming backdrop in the 1980s in Ethiopia’s capital: an unusual and surprising Neck
from the time the poorest country in the world.
Stefanie Busch’s work is an attempt of the manifestation of coexistence in solidarity. As
we should ask ourselves this world otherwise?
The exhibition is an attempt Ende.Neu, the past and the present to simultaneously
consider and not to forget the One for the other.
Belle Shafir was born in 1953 in Amberg and migrated as a 19 year old from Israel.
She studied at the Avni Institute of Art in Tel Aviv. Since then she has participated in numerous national and international exhibitions, such as Petach Tikva Museum (Israel), gallery Maya Wildewuur, High Halen (Netherlands), Museum One-Harod (Israel),
AIR Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, (USA), Cite International des Arts, Paris (France), Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai (India), Pyramida Gallery, Haifa (Israel), Museum of Contemporary Art, Herzliya (Israel) Pasinger Fabrik in Munich. She lives in Tel Aviv.
Stefanie Busch was born in Dresden in 1977 and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lutz Dammbeck. She has to participated in numerous exhibitions, such as Galerie Baer Dresden, Kunsthalle Baden Baden, Urban Arts Space, Ohio State University, Columbus / Ohio (USA), Galerie Ilka Bree, Bordeaux (France), Alcatraz Gallery, Ljubljana (Slovenia), gallery Emilia Filly, Usti (Czech Republic), West Germany, Berlin, Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv (Israel), contemporary art gallery, Leipzig. Stefanie Busch lives in Dresden.

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