Vadim Sidur Museum

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Manege Museum
Vadim Sidur Museum
Alexander Babulevich “Archiving Sound”
Private view:
Friday, 13. January 2016 | 7 pm
Exhibition: 14. January – 7. February 2016
Vadim Sidur Museum,
37/2, Novogireevskaya str.
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The art and literary scene counts Alexander Babulevich as its active participant, an artist and visual poet who belongs to the generation of the “mixed media” pioneers of the national post-war art.
Babulevich’s works dating to the post-war period are an example of a rare and consistent commitment to the historical ways of avant-garde in its authentic forms, as well as of the development of the classical and ever-relevant themes like crossing the borders between art and life and synthesizing text with visual imagery and sound.
Alexander Babulevich’s exhibition “Archiving Sound” conveys the artist’s views as to the possibility of mixing literature with the visual arts, which he has developed since the early 1960s, as well as his findings following years of experimenting and exploring the visual properties of text and sound recordings.
Despite Babulevich’s long-standing interest in avant-garde, his own works had not been exhibited, long remaining unknown outside his inner circle. The Vadim Sidur Museum offers an opportunity to appreciate the remaining graphics by the artist laying out his method and attitudes to art.
About the author:
Alexander Babulevich was born in 1942. He is a member of the Art Expert Association, focusing on futurism, dadaism, abstraction, and the Soviet and Russian art of the second half of the 20th century. He has a long track record as head of the State Literature Museum’s Department of Audio Recordings where he handled the conservation and research of audio recordings of Russian literature. He has featured in numerous exhibitions in Russia, Japan, Australia, the USA, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, former Yugoslavia, Argentina, and Italy. His works are kept in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt and other museum and private collections across Europe.
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