Openning : Fr, 13. November 2015 | 6-9 pm
Opening: FRIDAY, 13. NOV 2015
in association with Mark Hachem Gallery
Exhibition: 13.11 – 12.12 2015!blank/c1q05
Originally from Egypt, Yves Hayat first developed his aesthetic sensibilities living in a country enriched with history and cultural diversity. Art was his first love. In 1956, after the Egyptian Revolution, Hayat left for France. For five years, he studied Art at the Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs of Nice. In 1973, Hayat chooses to go into advertising and marketing, which led him to open his own agency. The creative trade captive Hayat. His experience in the field also enabled him to discover and learn to use new forms of technologies, and to master his techniques. In the 1990s, equipped with those skills, he decided to return to the Art and rediscovers the old masters, photographing people, the streets, society products, museum paintings and recuperating magazine and web images which are carefully classified. Hayat is a perfect example of his time: an open mind on society, its streets, its media, its internet. While running his successful advertising business, he starts to show his artwork in galleries. Soon, his art activity took precedence over his profession, which he stopped in 2002.

Although Yves Hayat does not consider himself as a painter, photographer or designer, he is widely known as a “plasticien”, an untranslatable French term that refers to an artist who puts the meaning of his work to the fore and uses all the various media artistic expression, all the techniques and supports to express it.
Yves Hayat explains : “I admit that I’m more interest in manipulating reality than in recording it. My artwork between photography, installation and “Figuration Narrative” proposes visions where theatricalization is a part of the project. I am a total visual consumer: I film, download, scan, retouch…. as the director of a new reality. Using superimpositions, shifts, misappropriations, I confront past and present, beauty and horror, luxury and violence, indifference and fanaticism. Through a questioning about the art/ politic/ media relations, I try to conceive a critical art work where the attraction for the culture of media, cinema and advertising shows through. Using modern techniques, my work proposes a report of what our history and our society have thought, generated, transformed, destroyed… while always keeping in mind that when the work of Art creates unrest, it evacuates the common place”.

As François Birembaux wrote, YVES HAYAT belongs to that category of remarkable artists who have something to say and who says it with such talent that they stamp their impression on the art of our time. His works, modern, contemporary, are however the product of a deeply classical culture. Thanks to all the techniques which belong to our time: photography, superimposition of images, etc…. he creates an original work rooted in the human cultural heritage but which, through the strength of its subjects, conveys every dimension of our era.

Through a strictly artistic approach, Yves Hayat expresses a philosophical thought, not in complicated words but by speaking to our senses, in a clear, untortured way. He presents the essence of our human condition and of our time, bringing out its distinctive characteristics and its violence (…)
The originality of Yves Hayat’s works lies in the amalgam of artistic perception with the images from a communication and information based society. The titles he gives to his works (Business must go on, Parfum de Révolte, the Icons are Tired, The Shadow of your smile …), utterly high jacked advertising slogans, have the effect of giving a meaning to the pollution of our everyday lives. They reveal our identity and display our own brand. Not a celebration of barbarity, but rather the fascination created by human ambivalence (…).


Since 2006, Yves Hayat exhibited for solo shows in: Paris, Vienna, Cologne, Geneva, Brussels, Greece, Kuwait, Beirut, Monaco, Cannes, London & New York

and in institutional places such as Paris City Hall, Venice (Palazzo Bonvicini, Biennale 2013 and Vitraria Glass+A Museum in 2014-2015), Alliance Française of Montevideo, Docks of Marseilles, Sigmund Freud Museum Vienna, Klosterneuburg Monastery Vienna,…

He was also presented on several international art Fairs :
Scope Basel, Art Beirut, ArtFair Cologne, Art Southampton-New York, Contemporary Istanbul, Art Stage Singapore, Scope Miami, Art 14 London, India Art Fair, FotoFever Paris, Art Miami New York,…

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