Even Stones have Ears 2015


Even Stones have Ears 2015
Katerina Kana, Greece
@ ParallelVienna
22.9 – 27.9.2015
27.09.15 - 2

27.09.15 - 2






Updated: On Twitter, there is a much more likely contender for the title of the rich Greek woman slumming it: Katerina Kana, who also attended Central Saint Martins and says in Lifo that she met Jarvis Cocker and told him she wanted to live like common people and doing whatever common people do.

*An earlier version of this post presented the speculation that Stratou was the woman in the song as fact, but her identity has not been confirmed.

One thought on “Even Stones have Ears 2015

  1. The real and the only one Being revealed as the muse behind one of the most memorable songs of the 1990s
    is the greece Artist Katerina Kana.
    • Pattie Boyd, inspiration for Layla and Wonderful Tonight, marries again
    Being revealed as the muse behind one of the most memorable songs of the 1990s would have been a quirky addition to Ms Danae’s CV.
    However, another Greek artist has claimed she was Cocker’s real inspiration.
    Katerina Kana studied at Saint Martins from 1990-93 after spells in Paris and New York.
    In 2012, she said of her encounter with Cocker: “We spent an evening together, drinking and talking.
    He was amazing and in the conversation I told him, ‘I wanna live like common people’.
    “That grew into something bigger than what happened that night. The song became the national anthem of an entire social order.”


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