Art UnAnchored Festival

Art UnAnchored Festival

From Tulln through Vienna to Bratislava and back again!

3. October 2014
One Ship, 75+ Artists – Music, Performances, Cinema, Lectures, Exhibition and a lot more!
Starting on the 3rd of October in Tulln you have the chance to go on a trip that will change your perception of the arts movement!
Art UnAnchored has prepared the MS Stadt Wien for YOU!
The MS Stadt Wien is a 75 year old steamboat, with a length of 77 and a width of 17 meters

that can hold up to 500 people.
This grand old lady is packing a…
Music Stage with
Def ILL Live
Monsterheart LIVE |
Drama und Stern LIVE
Das Spice LIVE
Heavy Candy LIVE
Koscher LIVE
Pretty Pretty Pony LIVE
Trails of Whatever In The Sky LIVE

More tba.
Performance by
Salvatore Viviano
Milan Mladenovic
ON Grammel & Elisa Schlifke
King Davis Klan


More tba.
A Cinema showing
(by Hans Scheirl)

More tba.
A Lecture Stage hosted by
Elisabeth von Samsonow
More tba.
and an Exhibition featuring
Assunta Abazmo
Offerus Christoph Ablinger
Royl Culbertson
Christian Johann Fries
Savina Georgieva
ON Grammel
Rina Grinn
Leon Höllhumer
Olivier Hölzl
Helmut Kandl
Johanna Kandl
Dita Kaplanova
Karl Kilian
KingDavis Klan
Vera Klimentyeva
Andrej Kolencik
Deana Kolencikova
Ahoo Maher
Marcel Mališ
Georgij Melnikov
Lieber Michael
Milan Mladenovic
Julian Oberhofer
Olga Pastekova
Gert Resinger
Ela Sattler
Hans Scheirl
Elisa Schlifke
Viliam Slaminka
Kristina Simekova
Louis Szapary
Peter Tauber
Anna Thomas
Salvatore Viviano
Tom Venning
Anne Sophie Wass
Osama Zatar

More tba.
ship happens, so stay tuned…


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