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Art UnAnchored is an art project aiming at creating a vivid exchange amongst artists, art enthusiasts, collectors, curators and the public. With Art UnAnchored we want to question cultural and national borders, as well as the borders of our own understanding of art and the surrounding it is presented in.

This project stands for art with no boarders, connecting people and ideas through the river. The fluidity of the river allows us to question situations that occur in our social and cultural sphere. This project offers a new moving space for artists and viewers to exchange art and cultural concepts. We offer our knowledge and connections to make the best possible experience for our clientele.

To achieve those goals, we will connect different cities along the Danube with a boat that is transformed into a mobile art space. On the boat there will be room for sculptures, installations, paintings, pictures, interventions, performances and music. We see the ship as an exclusive environment for exhibitions and happenings. It is a new platform helping to unify the european art scene with countries connected along the Donau.

Our first trip will be October 4th and 5th 2014, which will connect Vienna and Bratislava. The boat is the MS Stadt Wien, which offers space for up to 500 passengers, as well as a lot of room for the artists to realize their ideas. Since the boat is an essential part of the project, we came up with the name Art UnAnchored, which best reflects the idea behind our project: Art with a hoisted anchor, that is freed from its primordial social and cultural surrounding, on its way to discover new shores.

Because of the size of the boat and the opportunities it offers, we decided to not focus on one media like paintings, performance or sculptures, but rather to have the artists decide how they use the space offered. Nonetheless there must be something that connects all the artists. To guarantee this, all of the participating artists are confronted with the following questions:

1. Which colour is the Danube?
2. What changes when you move from one place to another?
3. With or against the stream?
4. How does a border look on water?

We purposely choose very open questions, since we do not want to interfere with artistic freedom. However the open character also offers a variety of possibilities to find an even broader variety of answers. We are very interested in experiencing how the artists will work on those questions.

The boat used for our first trip in 2014 is the MS Stadt Wien. The MS Stadt Wien is a 75 year old ferryboat. It’s dimensions are 77 meters in length, 17 meters wide and has 4 decks. Each level of the Ms Stadt Wien offers optimal space for all sorts of artistic actions, so we may bring our dreams to reality.

Ticket Sale started!
From today on you can buy tickets – there is a special early bird contingent for the first couple of customers!

You can buy them either directly on our website at the Tickets tab or via

Karmeliterhofgase 2/1/19
1150 Vienna, Austria
ZVR No: 541441056
We Have Sole Proprietorship Over Art UnAnchored

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