JR / Inside Out Project / LONDON / ( 03/10 – 10/10 )
from BEYONDER PLUS 4 months ago / Creative Commons License: by NOT YET RATED
Production : Beyonder
Realisation : David Maginot
Assistant Director : Lory Louves – Lucile Charles
Music : Aidys Girl Is a Computer – Darkstar and Birdz Pt2 – Woodini
Curator: Steve Lazarides for Lazarides Gallery
Cover photo : ©Lucile Charles
Translations: Magdalena Marszalek
In October 2013, an Inside Out Photobooth truck was installed at the Somerset House – 1 706 portraits of Londoners and visitors were pasted on the floor. Discover the participative movie that has been made.
More Informations:
JR : jr-art.net
INSIDE OUT PROJECT : insideoutproject.net/en
Somerset House : somersethouse.org.uk
LAZARIDES Galleries : lazinc.com
The Prince Charles cinema : princecharlescinema.com
DocHouse: dochouse.org
WestEndFilms: westendfilms.com
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